Sunday, February 19, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Make L*ve in the Morning!

     A lot of health experts have stated that the best time for a couple to make l*ve is early in the morning. Its just that some couples, chose to not take advantage of this because a lot of them are too lazy, still sleepy, haven't brushed their teeth, etc. What these couples doesn't know is that making l*ve early in the morning is the best kind of s*x they could have because there's a lot of benefits that they can get by making l*ve in the morning! Making L*ve in the morning can:

Improve your Mood

     Some research shows that being intimate and doing it early in the morning can help to improve your mood for the whole day, and making l*ve in just one day can actually last until seven days, which means, if you make l*ve with your partner on a Sunday morning, you'll be in a good mood, and stressed free for a whole week! And who doesn't want that?

Cure Morning Sickness

     According to a professor from SUNY-Albany, if you swallow sp*rm, yes, that white sticky substance, it can actually cure your morning sickness-grogginess, especially for pregnant women. Also, take note that it is encouraged by doctors and it is advisable that, a pregnant woman should have s*x or make l*ve with their partner to cure their morning sickness.

Makes you Healthy

     Early morning s*x doesn't just improve your mood but it can also strengthen your immune system, because making l*ve early in the morning can boost your IgA levels, and IgA is an antibody that can help to protect you from infections.

Make your Man last longer

     It has been shown in several studies that the testosterone level of men is at its peak during the morning, because their body has already gained the energy it needed. And ladies, take note that if your man is too h*rny in the morning, and you want a wild and long lasting s*x, then fully take advantage of it while you can.

Make the whole event as Clear as Crystal for the Both of you

     Since you made l*ve early in the morning, there's a high chance that you and your partner will remember the whole event the whole day, and would give you something to giggle for the whole day too. Also it'll make you look forward to the next day, as to see and find out what will happen on the next day ahead of you.

Save up your time

     Time, when it comes for Gym Time, because making l*ve in the morning is equivalent to spending your time at the gym. Many believe that making l*ve for an hour is equaled to burning your fats when you jog for 30 minutes. 

Reaffirm your feelings

     Making l*ve early in the morning is said to be the most intimate time in which you can have s*x. Why? Because it can reaffirm your feelings for each other. It means that you still love them even if they don't look like at their best like they have a messy hair, bad breath, etc.

Gets you going

     Making l*ve is better than drinking coffee in the morning, you don't need to wait before the effects kick in. Making l*ve can give you that boost of energy to start up your day and it can also make you addicted to it a lot like coffee.

Source: Kami

Friday, February 17, 2017

Drink this Natural Juice to Remove Your Body Fats!

There's a lot of ways for you that you can do to remove those unwanted fats from your body. There's normally an available gym for your work out, or just outside of your house and do lots of kinds of exercises such as running or walking. You can also try out dieting and eating a lot of foods that is rich in protein and fiber that could help you lose weight. Though its a fact that what we've stated in the first and second sentence that these things, as easy as we say it, is as hard to pursue in our daily lives specially that, our time is normally spent in work or school, right?

     But, here's a little secret between us, there is a way in which you can lose weight and remove those unwanted fats from your body and all you need to do is buy some ingredients, which is readily available in the market, and take note, these ingredients are really cheap!
Here is the list of Ingredients:

  • 12 Leaves of Peppermint
  • 1 Whole Cucumber to be Sliced Thinly
  • 2 Lemons (1 Lemon to be Sliced Thinly and 1 to be Squeezed for its Juice)
  • 9 Glasses of Water


     Pour the water in a pitcher, then sliced the leaves of peppermint and drop it in the pitcher. Slice a 1 whole cucumber thinly, and same for the 1 lemon and drop them in the pitcher. For the other lemon, squeeze out its juice and pour it in the pitcher. Mix the ingredients well and voila! You have your own Detox Water that can help you to remove all those body fats in your body!

Watch the video below to see the procedure on how this is done!
source: PeanutDaily

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Here Are The Common Reasons Why Your Vagina Smells

Vaginal smell is not normal and you must get rid of it as soon as possible, but you should find the source of this problem only then you can take correct step to cure it.

Some common causes of vaginal odor include:

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

– The vagina is normally colonized with healthy bacteria, but if something disturbs the ecosystem, then unhealthy bacteria like BV can take over. BV is most commonly caused by an overgrowth of the bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis.  Symptoms include a thin grey, runny discharge and a strong fishy odor. The odor is more pungent when in contact with semen, so often women will first notice this as a strong odor after sex. BV is annoying and can increase your risk of other infections, but is easily treated with antibiotics.

Your Diet

– The old adage “You are what eat” is true, all the way down to your lady bits. Garlic, onion, asparagus, and curry are few of the more odoriferous foods known to affect body odor.

Medications/ Supplements 

– Medications such as antibiotics can affect the bacterial balance of your vagina leading to changes in odor and discharge. Antihistamines can lead to vaginal dryness and decreased vaginal secretions, which can also have an effect.  Additionally, herbal therapies and the newly popular essential oils can lead to changes in vaginal odor.


– Much like your underarms, the skin around your genitals is prone to excessive sweating. Sweat when combined with discharge can escalate the natural musk to a whole new level of stank. This is a natural odor, though sometimes slightly unpleasant. To minimize the smell, change clothes after exercising and wear breathable fabrics.

Hormonal Changes 
– The amount of discharge varies throughout menstrual cycles. Hormonal therapies, birth control pills and vaginal creams can have an effect the vaginal PH and odor as well. Menopause also leads to major changes as the decreasing estrogen levels can lead to increasing incidence of yeast infection and BV.

A Forgotten Tampon 

– There is one odor that is so foul, it is unlike anything you have every smelled in your entire life. It’s the one smell that makes even the gynecologist gag: the forgotten tampon. The patients on many occasions have described the odors as ”it smells like something crawled up in there and died.”  I would have to agree that this is an honest statement. While the odor is particularly offensive, it does resolve quickly after the tampon is removed. Rarely, the retained tampon can also lead to serious infection, so it is important to see your doctor should this occur (symptoms include a brown discharge and odor).

Source: PeanutDaily

Recent Study: Eating Too Much Lychees Could Kill You!

     Lychee is sweet and has a very fragrant smell. Lychee is usually available in summer days. This unique fruit has originated from China, but today it is normally found in most of the South East Asian countries. It is the member of soap-berry family, Sapindaceae.
     Recent researches has uncovered a deadly truth about one of your favorite exotic fruit, and that is these researchers investigated the unexplained deaths of hundreds of children in India.


     In every year, an unknown illness strikes the poor children living in the town of Muzzafarpur, India. In the Bihar region, more than 100 innocent children suffered from a mystery illness every year which includes sudden seizures and losing consciousness, with around third of them dying.

     The expert researchers have identified the cause of this mysterious illness and pinned it down to the consumption of large amount of lychee fruit, on an empty stomach. When you eat this fruit on an empty stomach, the lychee fruit contains amino acid, which can decrease your blood glucose levels, therefore sending the children into hypoglycemia.


     After they uncovered the cause of the illness in India, health officials have advised the parents to make sure that their children get full meals in the evening and to reduce the number of lychees they eat. The number of children who suffer in this disease has lessen since then.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Short Height Problems? It's Possible to Increase Your Height Naturally! Must Try!

     A lot of us have the desire to be tall, and who wouldn't want to be tall? Height plays an important role in determining the overall look and personality of an individual. That does not mean that we are undermining the capabilities of a short height person, though short people do suffer from lack of confidence and also face difficulties in certain aspects of their own lives due to their height.<      People stop growing around their teens, approximately around when they're 18. This doesn't mean, however, that you have no choice but to put up with your current height after you're past this age. After turning 18 years old, it still possible to add a few centimeters to your height.

These are the most effective tips on increasing your height naturally:

Get Sufficient Sleep at Night

     The experts says that having 7 to  hours of sleep every night is beneficial to your overall health and may help you get closer to the height of your dreams.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

     The High-impact exercises help your bones grow longer and stronger. Some wonderful examples of high-impact exercises include running, dancing, jogging, and playing sports such as badminton, tennis, football and basketball.
Eat Foods Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D

     Without one of the special nutrients, getting the height you always wanted may be extra challenging. Calcium is very necessary for strengthening your bones. Foods that contain calcium include milk, yogurt, cheese, canned sardines and dark green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D helps you in absorption of calcium. Mushrooms, oily fish, eggs, tofu, and dairy products are good sources of vitamin D.

Take Up Yoga

     Adding yoga to your exercise on a regular basis can help increase your height in a couple of ways. First, it releases stress and tension that can stop your body from growing taller. Two, certain poses allow you to stretch your muscles and improve your posture.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle
     Avoid smoking, prohibited drugs, alcohol, caffeine and steroids. This bad habit can stop your height from growing. A healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system helps your body grow instantly without trouble.

Include Protein-Rich Food in the Diet

     Everybody knows that the bones are made up of calcium. But did you know that the actual bone tissue is composed of proteins? It's for this reason why you should include foods rich in protein in your daily diet to supply your body with sufficient amount of nutrients. These are the food rich in protein, fish, red meat, cheese, chicken, tofu, milk, cheese, beans, and seeds.

Stand Tall to Look Tall

     Whether you're sitting down or standing up, having a good posture is the key to look attractive and confident. In addition, wearing a dark colored clothes that fits you properly gives the illusion of adding inches to your natural height.

Friday, February 10, 2017