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5 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Rubber!

Being pregnant when you are not ready for it is like surprising 'news' for couples. Couples overlook this issue because they don't use it during l0ve making.

Isn't there anyway, other than using it to bypass undesired pregnancies? The answer to this question is yes. There are several ways to do this and in this post, we are sharing some of them.

The Safe Week (Calendar Method)

Safe period to have love refers to day 1 to 7 and the last 4 to 5 days of cycle that lasts from 26 to 32 days. (Note: The safe week depends on your cycle length and regularity and is not a very reliable method. )

Withdrawal Method (Pull & Pray Method)

As the name suggests, this method involves the man to remove his stiffy before his emission, which may lead to pregnancy.

Birth Control Pills

This could be the safest way for a couple who are not ready to be parents. One of the most common and best options available is hormonal birth control pills regulating a woman’s fertility cycles for preventing pregnancy.

The Effective Copper T

This method requires a trained doctor to implant a device which can be removed at the time of desire to conceive by the couple.


This method can 100% guarantee to prevent the pregnancy risks, either for man or woman. However, it is a permanent procedure, so unless you are not sure to not want biological children of your own in the future, then do not opt for this.

BEWARE OF PLASTIC RICE! Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Identify Fake Rice.

China is the biggest producer of rice in the world where 200 tons are produced every year. However, even as China rice production rises, so does the health concerns about the quality of rice as various reports and news have revealed that Chinese rice has a huge plastic content.

In fact, a report in the Korean Times has even shown that some Chinese companies sell artificial rice that is manufactured from plastic and potato starch but with a flavor and aroma of steamed rice. The spurious Chinese plastic rice is then mixed with organic rice to mislead consumers.


Take one tablespoon of Chinese rice and pour into a glass of water. Organic rice will fall to the bottom while plastic rice will float.


Take a handful of rice and burn the same by using matchsticks or lighter. If the rice particles are made of plastic, then it will release plastic smell immediately after burning.


Boil rice and keep it in a bottle for 2-3 days. If the boiled rice does not get affected by fungus, then it happens to be plastic rice and not the usual rice.


Fake rice can be identified while boiling. If the rice is made of plastic, then it will form a thick layer on the pot at the time of boiling.

Source: dailyhealthkeeper.com

Ladies! The Color of Menstrual Mood Reveals All Dangerous Changes Inside Your Body!

A menstrual cycle takes place every month for a period of 6-7 days. During these days, a female may have irregular cramps along with some other minor problems, such as headaches and stomach harassment. 

When menstrual blood flows quickly from the body, its color will be red or pink. Sometimes, most of the women may notice black or brown blood during the period and then worry. According to experts, that blood is dark indicates that it slowly flows out of the body.

Certainly, during a menstrual cycle have been observed as the color of blood is sometimes brighter, sometimes darker, and many women are faced with punctuating bleeding outside the cycle. What can sometimes be a sign of anxiety is the color of menstrual blood and it is important to know what certain colors indicate when you should contact a gynecologist.


Blood pink is the menstrual cycle. But if it occurs earlier, for example in the middle of it, it may be a sign of early pregnancy, a hormonal disorder or other diseases of the reproductive organs, so it is best to visit a gynecologist.


This kind of blood flow is very easy and often occurs after a busy day when blood rapidly running out of the body without having time to darken. No need to worry – it’s normal. The problem occurs when the bleeding lasts longer than a week, and the blood becomes pinkish and not fades.

Dark red

And red colors of blood are quite normal, especially in the middle of. If the color does not fade and bleed more than usual, it may be a sign of spontaneous miscarriage or, at worst, for the presence of a tumor.

Orange – red

This is really unusual when it comes to menstruation and refers to any infection. With this color usually goes odor, a sign that you immediately visit a gynecologist. This color is seen when blood is mixed with fluids from the cervix. But also points to the existence of any infections

Brown – black

These blood have long been in the uterus and are usually seen early in the morning. Although may sound bad, brown or black blood is old blood backward not expired, but which for some reason have remained longer in the womb. It may have noticed when you CASS menstruation few days. In general, it is about normal, but if you notice besides her yellowish color of blood, it can be a sign of infection.

Heavy bleeding

Most women, at least one day is followed by profuse bleeding compared to other days of the cycle. It is usually the second or third day, and it is quite normal.

If, however, see the insert punctuate traces of blood, and you do not get time to menstruation, immediately contact a gynecologist. This phenomenon is due to early pregnancy or due to some hormonal disorder.

Source: PeanutDaily

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9 Sleeping Positions That Couples Should Not Do In The Bedroom

You may not take your sleeping situation as serious as you take other things, but let me clear you one thing, your sleeping position also plays the major role in preventing you fit. It keeps your brain stress free, by decrease your mental and physical strain and if you don't sleep properly, then your body won't get a proper rest.

So, I guess, now you will give more value to your sleep. Anyway, it's never too late.

Let's check out these wrong positions which you should neglect while sleeping with your partner in bed.

Expectation vs. reality

Well, what you expect in dreams is far different from reality, Unknowingly, in the real world it's divergent, but don't worry you can still bring changes in you. So, let's get a start.

1. Ignore this one

This creates an uneasy sleep for your partner.

2. The headlock

You even have no idea what you do during your sleep.

3. The BOA constrictor

Unknowingly, you're stopping your partner's oxygen.

4. You should stick to your side

This is the very common issue you face with your partner.

5. Don't let your pets to rule your bed

6. Don't, do this

7. And, that's not fine at all

8. The stomach

It would be better if anyone of you don't sleep on other's stomach as it will badly affect your health.

To know more watch this video!

Most Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings That You MUST Know!

Dreams have been recognized as a relationship to the unconscious. They are not trials to cover your real emotions from the conscious mind, but somewhat they expose more than they hide since they are a window to your consciousness.

A team of experts in Kyoto, Japan, who investigated brain scans to recognize the visual imagery of dreams supported this theory. They conclude that both dreams and our waking world in the same manner. Dreams share a close connection in our daily activities.

Did you know that we have a minimum of 5 dream periods that last about 15 to 40 minutes every time we sleep? Most of the time, we forget our dreams as soon as we wake up. But sometimes, we can still remember the things we dreamt about.

Although there are not definite interpretations of your dreams, the following dream meanings offer a sound starting point to learn your own personal dream meanings.

Here are some of the meanings of the most common dreams people have:

1. House

The House represents our mind. It typically pertains to our emotions, memories or personality depending on the state of the house. It also symbolizes security and comfort.

2. Teeth

Often we are afraid of dreaming about teeth due to its traditional interpretation as the death of someone we love.

Rotten teeth symbolizes fear and anxiety. Pulling them out means that something within you needs to come out. While teeth falling out might mean that you will be dealing with a new situation that may cause you trouble or stress.

3. Flying

Flying in our dreams is all about feeling free from the things in your life that weigh you down. Flying is associated with freedom and success. Flying also sometimes pertains to the desire to achieve our ambitions.

4. Death

In the world of dreams, death is perceived negatively by many people. In real life, this death is connected to some dramatic changes that needs to occur within ourselves.

Death means something will end or will change in our lives, particularly when it comes to our emotions.

5. Money

Have you ever experienced dreaming of money then right after you woke up, you’ll search for it? Well, money means luck, value, and self-worth. But it depends on how dream goes.

When you win a lottery in your dreams this means that you need to make big changes within your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you dream of giving money, you are afraid of losing something you value the most.

6. Waterfall

This is a sign of purity and cleansing. It is usually taken as a good omen. Waterfalls symbolize new beginnings and new doors of opportunities will open.

7. Fire

Fire is also perceived to have negative meanings when it comes to dreams. But fire has different explanations based on how it appears in your dream.

When you play with fire in your dreams, this means that you will be involved in some risky activities or a dangerous situation is about to develop. Starting a fire means that you will deal with repressed anger and seeing a distant fire means transformation and desire.

8. Poop 

When one dreams of poop, this is symbolic of a situation which has become rife with stress.

When one dreams of actually touching poop this means that there is a fear of getting lost in an experience which is challenging to the extreme, or even sticky, if you will. When one comes in contact with the excrement or poop, this shows that you have a guilty conscious or feel that you are in fact a dirty person.

To see a toilet overflow with poo can be quite a disturbing site. A dirty toilet signifies difficult people in life. There are hidden enemies that you are aware.

When one dream they are playing with poop, this represents a time for the dreamer when money and financial issues will be taking over the dreamer’s waking life and it is time to get all of that handled as soon as possible.

When one dream that they are not able to flush the poop, this means they fear change, or are feeling as though they are unable accomplish any particular project in their life and pursue it to the end.

Apparently, Being Forgetful is a Sign of Higher Intelligence

There are times that we tend to forget things, such as our friend’s birthday or other personal stuff. However, being unable to retain information is a normal thing. Our minds are meant to undergo such process but it does not mean we are stupid or something.

Interestingly, having a bad memory is actually a great asset. Research suggests that having such is a direct sign of intelligence. In fact, it is said that a strong memory is simply overrated and is contrary to what science speaks of.

Being forgetful does not automatically mean you are dumb.

Thanks to the researchers from the University of Toronto, we now know that forgetting things is not at all a very commonplace. Instead, it allows us to become stronger. They also claim that the ultimate goal of memory – contrary to popular belief – is to transmit the most accurate information over time.

The researchers involved are Blake Richards and Paul Frankland, both of whom proposed that memory is best utilized to optimize one’s intelligent decision-making. And how exactly does this happen? Well, this is by way of holding onto valuable information and letting the rest of it go. It turns out that doing so can make room for other things that matter.

Frankland’s studies, in particular, suggest that new brain cells are being formed in the hippocampus. This is where all old memories and connections are being overwritten.

A new study argues that being forgetful is a sign of intelligence.

Richards, on the other hand, was quoted saying:

"It’s important that the brain forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on the stuff that’s going to help make decisions in the real world.”

He also pointed out:

"We know that exercise increases the number of neurons in the hippocampus, but they’re exactly those details from your life that don’t actually matter, and that may be keeping you from making good decisions.”

Believe it or not, Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out is an epitome of this study. In the film, particularly in Riley’s memory dump scene, faded memories can be seen being cleared out. This is simply due to the lack of use to make way for new memories.

Here is Riley, the protagonist from Pixar’s animated movie, Inside Out.

In the subject, forgetfulness is a useful tool when our brains end up forgetting specifics about past events or actions. However, for it to become valuable, it must be able to retain the larger pictures or key information. For the researchers, this process allows human beings to generalize their past experiences better.

Just to make it clear: People who forget important stuff are not really off the hook. But if they tend to experience memory loss very frequently, then it is a matter of huge concerns.

It is important to understand that forgetting details is simply a sign of a healthy memory system. And there is nothing you can do about it. The brain is simply doing its job.

Technology has helped us free up memory space, allowing us to entertain newer information.

But, of course, humanity has learned to fill this gap and thus used the latest of technology. Take for example smartphones: We use these devices to serve as a tool in keeping numbers, birthdays, and events, among many others. Thankfully, they help our brains free up space.

Most Terrifying Haunted Places around the World

It seems that one of the most enduring aspects of cultural similarity found throughout the world involves the supernatural.  No matter where you go across the globe, you’re going to hear various legends and ghost stories…except some of these carry significantly more weight than your average campfire story.  People seem to be somewhat obsessed with what goes on after death, especially in regards to whether or not the spirits of the departed stick around.  It would be easy to say that such attention can be blamed on vivid, Hollywood inspired imaginations but documented reports of supernatural disturbances go back several centuries in many places, underlining the fact that no matter the time period or society involved, the paranormal remains on people’s minds.

Sure, many places in the world that are reputedly haunted seem more far-fetched than realistic, but there are those that have a tendency to make even the most hardened skeptic stop and reconsider.  Listed here are 30 such places spread out across the globe.  Many mark the site of horrific and traumatic deaths, either due to murder or the effects of imprisonment within dungeons or mental institutions.  It seems that the more sordid a locale’s history, the more paranormally active it is – and these places are certainly active!  Most of the hauntings described here have been very well documented by paranormal researchers, thus cutting down on the stereotypical “spook ‘em” tendency that many supposedly haunted sites lean towards.  If you’re easily rattled, you may want to rethink a read through this list, as these stories are every bit as haunting as the places they describe.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

Considering the amount of tragic and violent deaths that have occurred here, it’s little wonder that this is viewed as Australia’s most haunted locale.  Several people have died suddenly, accidental deaths, while others have been murdered, leading to high paranormal activity throughout the estate.

2. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Active since the early 20th century, various apparitions reported include a man who walks the ramparts and a dog that jumps on passersby.  The most interesting story involves the ghost of a woman seen running through the complex crying and finally disappeared when excavations uncovered a woman’s body.

3. The Tower of London, London, England

Dating back to 1078, this fortress/royal palace has had plenty of time to garner some paranormal activity.  Famous ghosts seen here include the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn, along with Lady Jane Grey and two princes believed to have been murdered by their uncle, Richard III, in 1483.

4. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

What could be more terrifying than the prospect of satanic sacrifices and malevolent entities?  This 12th-century inn exhibits all of this and more.  Its owner even testifies that the first evening he spent in the house, he was snatched out of bed and dragged across the room by some invisible entity.

5. Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

This major historic hotel is home to several different spirits, some kindly, and others rather more unnerving.  A regularly sighted spirit is that of a former bellman who helps with guests’ luggage.  Other such visitors include a bride seen dancing in the ballroom and the ghosts of a murdered family.

6. Chateau de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France

Dating back to the 11th century, this beautiful castle was the site of a horrific double murder, resulting in the haunting of the castle by the Lady in Green.  Wearing a green dress, and her face that of a rotting corpse wanders through the castle moaning.

7. Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

In the ‘50s, a man moved to this island in order to be alone, only to find that it was haunted by the spirit of a little girl who drowned here decades before.  In an attempt to appease her, he bought countless dolls and hung them from the trees.  After a while, he felt that she wasn’t satisfied and that she wanted him to be a ghost with her.  The same day he confessed this fear to a relative, he was found dead, having drowned in the same spot she did years before.  Their ghosts can now be seen on the island, and the dolls are said to whisper as you walk past.

8. The Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas, United States

Named after the prankish little girl who haunted it, this house also contained a far more malevolent spirit of a woman who escalated so much in violence towards the male owner of the house that he and his family finally moved out of fear for his life.

9. McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon, Portland, Oregon, United States

When it comes to the physical effects of hauntings, this century-old hotel and bar warrant heavy attention.  Many guests have reported waking up in the night and being unable to leave their beds as if held down, as well as being shoved down the stairs.

10. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Considering that it sits on a site with human activity dating to the Iron Age, it’s little wonder that this castle has accumulated a few supernatural residents.  Commonly reported apparitions include former servants of the castle, a drummer boy – minus his head – and a man who apparently perished within the castle’s tunnels.

11. Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway

Built as a strategic fortress, used as a prison, and home to the site of Nazi orchestrated executions, this castle is a hotbed for the supernatural.  The most well-known apparitions that haunt the castle and its grounds are a robed a woman and Malcanisen, a demonic dog whose sighting results in the traumatic death of the witness a few months later.

12. Old Changi Hospital, Changi, Singapore

Operating since the 1930s, this hospital was seized during the Japanese during World War II and turned into a prison and torture facility for the Japanese Secret Police.  Many apparitions have been seen here, such as men and women wandering down halls and through rooms, children, and bloody Japanese soldiers.

13. Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland

Hauntings here have been reported as far back as the 17th century, making this one of the most enduringly haunted places in the world.  The Close is composed of a series of underground streets and tunnels that led to various businesses and homes in the 16th and 17th centuries.  After plague broke out here it was abandoned, but apparently many spirits of plague victims and past residents still remain.  Footsteps that seem to follow close behind are often heard, as well as disembodied voices and various apparitions, including a little girl named Annie.

14. Highgate Cemetery, London, England

Established in 1839, this cemetery is the final resting place for over 170,000 people and has been the site of numerous supernatural reports.  The most famous siting is that of the Highgate Vampire, a tall man in a long dark coat and top hat with a terrifying gaze.  Other apparitions include various dark figures, ominous glowing eyes, and a crazed old woman who runs through the graves and tombs apparently looking for the children she murdered.

15. Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland

The main paranormal occurrences at this cemetery are attributed to what has been dubbed the Mackenzie Poltergeist.  After Sir George Mackenzie’s mausoleum was broken into by a homeless man, extreme supernatural occurrences began to take place.  Visitors would leave with scratches and bruises, sometimes even broken fingers, while it has been documented that, to date, nearly 200 people have blacked out at the cemetery since the mausoleum was broken into.

16. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Home to Chinese royalty for centuries, this impressive imperial complex was also the site of a long string of murders over the years, from calculated assassinations to crimes of passion.  Many apparitions have been sighted by tourists, staff, and guards, ranging from former to concubines to supposed royalty.

17. Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, Hong Kong

Operating first as a nurse’s facility, and then as a mental asylum, this combination 19th and 21st-century building has its fair share of haunts.  The most notable apparition appears as a sort of devil in traditional Chinese clothes who bursts into flames.  Other sightings report headless specters that roam the halls at night.

18. Aokigahara, Mount Fuji, Japan

For centuries, Aokigahara, or the Sea of Trees, has been a haunted place.  Hundreds of people have committed suicide here, sometimes as many as 100 in one year.  Those venturing out into the forest have reported encountering the spirits of these people, some of which aren’t particularly pleasant.  Even Japanese folklore describes this as a place of demons.

19. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana, United States

Most plantations have a checkered past, thanks to their association with slavery, but this 18th-century plantation stands above the rest.  Several occupants and their children have died here, either from disease or murder.  It is also rumored that a slave was lynched here after poisoning some of the family.  Several distinct apparitions are repeatedly seen here, either walking through the house or across the grounds.

20. Hell Fire Club (Montpelier Hill), County Dublin, Ireland

Used by the Irish Hell Fire Club in the early 18th century, this former hunting lodge was reputedly the site of various satanic rituals, including black masses and animal sacrifices.  Its use by the club diminished after a mysterious fire.  It is said to be haunted by former members of the club as well as being the domain of the devil.

21. The Skirrid Inn, Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales

Apparently the site of numerous hangings over the centuries, this little inn in Wales sports a great deal of paranormal activity.  Objects are suddenly thrown across rooms, apparitions are seen, and extreme drops in temperature are felt, along with the sensation of a noose slipping around the neck.

22. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

The legend surrounding this former plantation house is that one of its owners used to practice voodoo and that she used it to kill several husbands as well as numerous slaves.  The house is now reportedly haunted by their spirits as well as hers.

23. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida, United States

Built in 1874, this still functioning lighthouse has become the home of several spirits over the course of its history.  The ghosts of two little girls have been seen throughout the lighthouse, so too that of a woman, who is often seen and heard crying and asking for help, and a former lighthouse keeper who frequents the basement.

24. The Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California, United States

Once a transatlantic ocean liner and now a permanently moored hotel in California, the Queen Mary has been touted as one of the country’s most haunted hotels, and taking into account its bevy of ghosts, it’s not hard to see why.  Two different women drowned in the ship’s first class pool, and now their ghosts are often seen there.  Various apparitions have been seen throughout the bar and lounge areas, most in period dress.  One particular room, B340, displayed a great deal of activity but is now no longer available.  Coincidence?

25. Beechwood Lunatic Asylum, Victoria, Australia

Opened in 1867, this asylum was open to literally everyone, from patients admitted by the family to those found wandering the streets and the criminally insane.  For well over a century, this institution proved to be the final stop for many people before entering the afterlife, something some of them seem to have taken to heart.  Several different apparitions have been reported here, from the cellars to the uppermost parts of the buildings.  Disembodied screams are often heard, and heavy doors are seen to open and slam shut of their own accord.

26. Aradale Mental Hospital, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

In operation for over 130 years, this mental institution housed some of the British Empire’s worst mental cases and was known in its early years for inhumane psychiatric treatments and experiments.  Thousands died here, and many of them have stayed behind in spirit form.  Various apparitions have been reported, some of which watch people as they roam the extensive complex.  The feeling of being touched as well as sudden sensations of pain are also reported.

27. Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, India

Built in the early 1600s by King Sawai Madho Singh, this fort protected a small city of roughly 10,000 people and included a royal palace.  According to legend, a sorcerer fell in love with the King’s daughter and in the process of trying to seduce her, he died, cursing the town to be destroyed.  Shortly thereafter, an invading army destroyed the fort and killed virtually everyone who lived there.  Locals refuse to live anywhere near the ruins and have ensured that it’s closed after dark due to the presence of various ghosts that have been reported roaming through the complex.  There have been cases where people have been at the fort at night, only to turn up dead in the morning.

28. Chateau de Chateaubriant, France

Dating back to the 11th century, this castle has experienced a rather turbulent past, filled with war and murder.  In the early 16th century, the wife of the castle’s owner died here, and many from that period all the way to today say that she was murdered by her husband due to her affair with the King of France.  It is said that every October 16th – the anniversary of her death – a bloodstain appears in her room, and her ghost is often seen wandering the castle.

29. Paris Catacombs, Paris, France

Containing the bones of thousands of people, these catacombs were never really meant to house human remains.  Due to overcrowded cemetery conditions in the 18th century, many remains were relocated to the spider-webbing tunnels beneath the city.  While the bones are laid out in artful arrangements, stories of discontented spirits abound.  Many people have reported seeing apparitions as well as being touched or shoved, and that some people have disappeared within the catacombs altogether.

30. Moosham Castle, Salzburg, Austria

This 12th-century castle was the site of countless executions of women condemned to witchcraft throughout the Middle Ages.  As a result, many of these women have come to haunt the castle in spirit form, with apparitions ranging from sad to angry ones, and even a few headless individuals.  Many people report hearing voices and screams, as well as a particular spirit that tends to hound visitors in an attempt to make them leave.