Thursday, July 27, 2017

BEWARE OF PLASTIC RICE! Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Identify Fake Rice.

China is the biggest producer of rice in the world where 200 tons are produced every year. However, even as China rice production rises, so does the health concerns about the quality of rice as various reports and news have revealed that Chinese rice has a huge plastic content.

In fact, a report in the Korean Times has even shown that some Chinese companies sell artificial rice that is manufactured from plastic and potato starch but with a flavor and aroma of steamed rice. The spurious Chinese plastic rice is then mixed with organic rice to mislead consumers.


Take one tablespoon of Chinese rice and pour into a glass of water. Organic rice will fall to the bottom while plastic rice will float.


Take a handful of rice and burn the same by using matchsticks or lighter. If the rice particles are made of plastic, then it will release plastic smell immediately after burning.


Boil rice and keep it in a bottle for 2-3 days. If the boiled rice does not get affected by fungus, then it happens to be plastic rice and not the usual rice.


Fake rice can be identified while boiling. If the rice is made of plastic, then it will form a thick layer on the pot at the time of boiling.


7 Things That Men Do Almost Every Day That Are Lowering Their Sprm Count And Causes Testicular Cancer!

More than 90% of male infertility or impotence problems are due to low sperm counts, poor sprm quality, or both. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, stress, and improper diet are some of the major causes of low sprm count.

Here are 9 things you’re probably doing on a daily basis that may be reducing your sperm count. We are all guilty of doing these mistakes without even understanding what infliction they are causing us.

1. Working with the laptop on your lap

One of the most common habits, almost every person who uses a laptop keeps it on their lap. The heat from a laptop can elevate testicle temperature and reduce sperm production. Place the laptop on a desk. If you must place it on your lap, keep your knees together or use a lap pad for added protection, and keep computer sessions short.

2. Hot bath

Hot shower is relaxing to the body, but it reduces sperm count as the temperature of the testicles are raised. This damages the sperm quality and reduces the count.

3. Mobile phones (radiation/heat)

The radiation that comes from the mobile phones have a great impact on the sperm count of men. Studies show that heat or electromagnetic radiation that emanates from mobile phones can reduce sperm motility by 8.1% and viability by 9.1%. Avoid keeping your phone in your pocket for long periods.

4. Drinking and smoking

A study published in the British Medical Journal suggested that drinking as many as 5 units of liquor could possibly affect the sperm quality in a man. Not only could it reduce the sperm count and concentration but also the percentage of normal sperm.

Smoking cigarettes can harm DNA, prompting sperm mutations. Cutting back on alcohol and tobacco is good for general health as well as sperm production.

5. Stress

This is no surprise. Out of a hundred harmful effects to the body, lowering sperm count is one thing that stress is capable of causing. A high level of stress hormones in the blood can lower sperm count, affect sperm production and also affect the sperm quality.

6. Sunscreen

Chemicals present in sunscreen lotion can harm a man’s sperm count so one should be alert while using a sunscreen lotion. Chemicals found in sunscreen can reduce sperm count by 33%: Octinoxate alters hormone levels, and oxybenzone slows sperm production. Limit time spent in the sun and wash off sunscreen immediately after coming indoors.

7. Including too much soy in your diet

An excellent source of proteins for vegetarians, soy is known to mimic estrogen in the body. It is believed to increase the production of the female hormone in the body, thereby reducing the male hormone.

A 2008 Harvard School of Public Health study revealed that even half a serving of soy a day was enough to harm a man’s sperm production. Better cut down on that soy milk and tofu.

Source: dailyhealthmedia

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

An Open Letter To The Girl With A Broken Heart

You are an amazing person. You’re one of a kind. You’ve heard this from guys before, but there is really something about you. Some je ne sais quoi. And you have to own that.

There is no one else in this world like you. You are one of the best things someone could ever have. You have so much to offer, so much to give. You have a love that is just waiting for the right person, the right moment — that one that can make you feel unafraid…secure and safe, even when vulnerable. You deserve to be loved, to have your feelings respected. You deserve peace, and calm, and soundness of mind. You deserve to feel cared for. Mostly, you deserve someone who wouldn’t hurt you in any way, just like how you can never even begin to think about hurting them.

You don’t need to worry about anything. You don’t have to wonder if your significant other is cheating on you or lying to you because in a way, life naturally sorts everything out. If they decide to do those things to you, then you know they do not deserve you. You know there will be someone better despite the lies you tell yourself that maybe, he’s the best you can ever have. You have seven other billion people left. You just have to be strong enough to let go and to stand by what is best for you. Do not be anxious or insecure. The wrong ones will be weeded out by their own doing.

Do not think of heartbreak as misery, but as a blessing — a sign from fate, a heads up from the world. Be thankful that you found out soon enough and that you can start over again. I know it hurts, it will hurt, and you will feel like your world is crumbling down around you and your heart is in physical pain but you will get over that…just like you have before. And see, well, you’re still alive. You’re still here. You can still smile. You can feel pain. That’s good. You’re human.

You have to realize that forcing yourself to the wrong person is just keeping you away from the right one. You don’t deserve to cry. You don’t deserve to be curling in pain, yet you allow yourself to. Partly because you still think things could change, partly because you think who you’re with is the one you’re supposed to be with, and sometimes because you don’t know what else to hold on to. You’re lost. That’s okay. Take your first step. Now you’re going somewhere.

You have to accept that things will happen, and they are beyond your control. You control you and decide for you, not for anyone else. You have to accept that people will screw up and mess up no matter how many times you beg them not to. Their thoughts are different from yours. Accept that and know that a person who really loves you will continuously decide to not do anything that will hurt you. You don’t even have to worry about it.

Trust me — one day you’ll look back and smile because you know that one of the best things you’ve ever done was let go of someone who you thought you loved, someone who might have loved you at some point, too, but who in the end was never really right for you.

- Jae Lin

Attention Ladies! Did You Know Why Your Private Part Smells? Here's The Most Common Reason Why

Vginal smell is not normal and you must get rid of it as soon as possible, but you should find the source of this problem only then you can take correct step to cure it.

Some common causes of vginal odor include:

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

– The v@gina is normally colonized with healthy bacteria, but if something disturbs the ecosystem, then unhealthy bacteria like BV can take over. BV is most commonly caused by an overgrowth of the bacteria Gardnerella v@ginalis.  Symptoms include a thin grey, runny discharge and a strong fishy odor. The odor is more pungent when in contact with semen, so often women will first notice this as a strong odor after s*x. BV is annoying and can increase your risk of other infections, but is easily treated with antibiotics.

Your Diet

– The old adage “You are what eat” is true, all the way down to your lady bits. Garlic, onion, asparagus, and curry are few of the more odoriferous foods known to affect body odor.

Medications/ Supplements 

– Medications such as antibiotics can affect the bacterial balance of your vag!na leading to changes in odor and discharge. Antihistamines can lead to v@ginal dryness and decreased v@g!nal secretions, which can also have an effect.  Additionally, herbal therapies and the newly popular essential oils can lead to changes in vag!nal odor.


– Much like your underarms, the skin around your genitals is prone to excessive sweating. Sweat, when combined with discharge, can escalate the natural musk to a whole new level of stank. This is a natural odor, though sometimes slightly unpleasant. To minimize the smell, change clothes after exercising and wear breathable fabrics.

Hormonal Changes 

– The amount of discharge varies throughout menstrual cycles. Hormonal therapies, birth control pills and vginal creams can have an effect the vag!nal PH and odor as well. Menopause also leads to major changes as the decreasing estrogen levels can lead to increasing incidence of yeast infection and BV.

A Forgotten Tampon 

– There is one odor that is so foul, it is unlike anything you have every smelled in your entire life. It’s the one smell that makes even the gynecologist gag: the forgotten tampon. The patients on many occasions have described the odors as ”it smells like something crawled up in there and died.”

I would have to agree that this is an honest statement. While the odor is particularly offensive, it does resolve quickly after the tampon is removed. Rarely, the retained tampon can also lead to serious infection, so it is important to see your doctor should this occur (symptoms include a brown discharge and odor).

Here's how you can get rid of that foul smell from your private part. Watch this video below.

Source: Peanut Daily

Monday, July 24, 2017

Microsoft Ended The Widely-used software MS Paint Program After 32 Years

Microsoft has been carrying MS Paint software since it was introduced 32 years ago. Those who grew up in the 80s and 90s probably have fond memories drawing in the computer using this program.

Microsoft on Monday declared the termination of its pioneering Paint application as it concentrates on software for 3-D drawing.

Paint drawing and image processing software that made its first appearance in 1985 with the Windows operating system was with the applications listed as "removed or deprecated" in a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update set for release later this year.

The company has said:

“This list is intended to help customers consider these removals and deprecations for their own planning. The list is subject to change and may not include every deprecated feature or functionality.”

Last year, Microsoft launched its more high-tech sibling called Paint 3D, which, as the name implies, boasts 3D graphic features.

Contrary to Paint’s simple graphics, Paint 3D allows users to “create 3D images from scratch or choose an object, such as a cylinder, a fish or a person,” according to Daily Mail. In fact, new models “can also be downloaded from a 3D online community called Remix,” the reports added.

Moreover, images created using Paint 3D are compatible with 3D printers.

Netizens have mixed feelings about the approaching removal of MS Paint.

In a BBC article, we discovered that many netizens “expressed disappoint” about the news.

What do you think of this new Paint 3D? Do you have good memories with MS Paint? Share your thoughts down below!

Source: Elitereaders

This Plastic Surgery Meme Ruined This Model’s Life! Know her story here...

There is a certain plastic surgery ad turned meme and had gone viral all over the internet. A lot of netizens shared and liked the photo. But what they didn’t notice is that it would end up destroying the career and life of the model. The Internet will constantly need a little bit of caution. But the outcomes of this model’s choice will teach her to think about the consequences of her acts.

It was 2004 when the world first saw this famous ad. The story is that there is this good-looking couple. But the husband decides to leave and divorce his wife because they had “ugly” children.

This meant that the wife was lying that she was born with a pretty face. He discovers out that the woman just had plastic surgery. Of course, because it appeared in tabloids, some people assumed it was real. But the real story is that it’s just an ad for a cosmetic clinic.

The ad’s caption was: “The only thing you have to worry about after plastic surgery is explaining it to your children.” It reveals that the attractive couple with children who are not-so good-looking. The clinic wanted to advertise their services that can transform someone’s life.

This model can absolutely state her life was transformed. But only for the worse.

Ever since the ad spread on social media, several talent companies believed she really had plastic surgery. She had lost all her possible clients and advertisements because of it. Even the model’s family wasn’t sure anymore if her pretty face was true.

The model said:  “People refused to believe that I had never had plastic surgery. Clients would ask me if I was the woman in the picture. After this, I only got small roles in advertisements.” She lost about $123,000 in potential earnings because of all the projects she couldn’t get.

Watch the video here:

Source: TNP

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Willie Revillame caught someone cheating during one of his games on "Wowowin!"

Willie Revillame is recognized for hosting variety/game shows with names that typically work out and sounds alike with his name. He is most well-known for hosting “Wowowee,” “Willing Willie,” and currently, “Wowowin.” “Wowowin,” is shown on the GMA Network and has been on air since May 10, 2015.

The program has a variety of various segments, including “Doobi Doobi Dap Dap Dance Challenge,” the “Willie of Fortune,” “Pera o Kahon,” “1-2-3 Go!,” “Su-pot o Datung,” and “The Will to Win.” These segments regularly include audience members playing a game to win prizes.

Recently, it was published by GMA News Online that Willie Revillame cut one of “Wowowin’s” game segments short after he found out that an audience member cheated.

According to the news, the host mentioned that during the “1-2-3 Go!” game segment, an audience member put her name in the game box twice in order to boost her possibilities of being picked. A short video clip of this incident was posted to the official YouTube channel of GMA Network.

The “1-2-3 Go!” segment is played every Tuesday and Thursday. 50 members of the audience are picked before the game begins. Gamemasters will then ask them multiple choice puzzles. To choose an answer, they line up after the number that agrees with their choice.

Participants who pick any of the two wrong answers are instantly dismissed from the game. The last contestant who survive until in the final question takes home a grand total of ₱10,000 as the cash prize, along with a jacket and gift packs from the show’s sponsors.

What happens when nobody reaches the final round of questions? Willie chooses a fresh batch of contestants from a box that contains names of random audience members. Now, this is how the cheating incident was revealed.

In the viral video, a particular contestant grabbed Willie’s attention after she chose the answer that nobody else did. When asked why she chose her answer, she said, “eh wala pong tao rito eh!” This elicited laughter from the audience. She then got eliminated. After a couple more rounds, all of the contestants were eliminated.

Willie Revillame then had to choose a fresh batch of contestants after all of the initial contestants got eliminated. He shuffled the names in the box, before picking one of them at random. After reading the piece of paper, he complained that he was unable to understand the handwriting. He jokingly said that it looked like a chicken wrote it.

Eventually, Willie was able to read the name in the paper aloud. The camera then panned to the audience member whose name was called out.

However, the participant was standing on the other side of the stage, where the initial contestants were. This means that the woman already played and has already been cut from the competition.

Apparently, she wrote her name down twice in order to get a better shot at being chosen for the game.
Willie Revillame said, “naglaro na siya, siya na naman!”

One of the production crew members clarified that they already explained the rules of the game to the contestants. He said:

“Sinasabi po namin na kailangan isa lang po yung fill-upan, kasi ‘pag nag-dalawa, at nalaman, magdi-disqualify talaga tayo. Maliwanag po iyon.”

Willie immediately snapped. He then said:

“Oh, i-disqualify. Itong show na ‘to, binibigay ito sa mahihirap. Iniisip ko ‘to kung papano kayo sasaya. Iniisip ko ‘to kung paano kayo magbabagong-buhay. Oh ganito gagawin natin!”

What happened after? Watch the video below to find out!

SOURCE: GMA News Online