Friday, December 9, 2016

Here's How To Identify Rice That Contains Plastic! MUST READ

According to report rice is also now produced artificially. There are some rice farmers that makes the product by mixing potato starch and plastic that are then developed into small rice kernels and steamed with a rice aroma.

The doctors are now warning that just 3 portions of the fake rice contain just as much plastic as a plastic bag, so it’s quite alarming and we should be more careful of buying rice.

Fortunately, Here, are a few simple tricks which will help you determine if the rice you’ve bought is real or fake:

The water method
Pour a tablespoon of uncooked rice into a glass of cold water and observe it – if in case the rice float at the surface, it’s definitely fake.

The fire test

Lit some of the rice you bought with a lighter – if the rice start burning and smells like plastic, throw it away immediately.

The mortar and pestle test
Try to crush a few grains of rice with a mortar and pestle – if they’re reduced to white powder the rice isn’t fake. However, if you see a light-yellow discoloration in the mortar, it’s surely fake.

The mold test

This is probably the best way to detect fake rice – put a handful of cooked rice in a container and leave it in a warm place for 2 days. If the rice is moldy afterwards, it’s organic. The plastic rice will be free of mold after 2 days.

Try these tricks yourself if you suspect that the rice you’re buying is fake –  they are the best and safest way to tell the difference.

Here's the REAL SIDE EFFECTS of Vaping That You Should Know!

     Let us reconsider that most of the side effects written in here are most of them are real, but they might be simply an initial reaction when it comes to vaping. Once the user has become more accustomed to vaping, the initial side effects would dissipate, but of course we still don't have any idea as to what the long term side effects that is associated with e-cigarettes, and vapes.
     So far the research that was shown has figured out that Vaping is one of the most effective means of the therapy for Nicotine Replacement. For short, quitting the normal cigarettes may be one of the side effects of Vaping for a long span of time and it also increases the chance of living for a longer time rather than dying because of the nicotine found in the normal cigarettes.

Below are the real side effects of vaping that you should know!


     Dehydration is followed by 3 more side effects, but we all know that dehydration can be fought, prevented, or even avoided by drinking water in large amounts daily.
  • Dry Mouth - This is caused by the VG content which attracts moisture.
  • Dry Skin - This is a common side effect of dehydration.
  • Itchy Skin - Since the skin is dry, it has the tendency of becoming irritated or itchy.

     Since Vapes needs the Stimulants or the flavorings, it can be very dangerous once it got ingested in high dosages. Vapers should be aware of what they're feeling especially when they get dizzy, since they should put their vaapes down and take a breather. Plus vapes aren't supposed to be a substitute for the normal cigarettes, they're supposed to be used in moderate and in order to heal you much better.


     Since there's a lot of different flavorings used in the e-liquid, some vapers might experience allergy reaction to some of it, especially with both Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. So vapers should check out the ingredients of their e-liquid before using them or even purchasing them.

Canker Sores

     This isn't really caused by vaping or the vape itself, this is caused by a person who is always forgetting to clean their vape mouthpiece clean. Anything that you use directly towards yourself should be clean.

     Since we don't know much yet about the Vaping Stuffs, or about its side effects, but some of these can be prevented with just the right knowledge about Vape. Don't forget to always drink plenty amount of water, as it can avoid a lot of different things such as dehydration.

Saging na Saba/Saba Banana Can Do This To Your Body!

     Cardava banana, also known as "Saging na Saba" in the Philippines has the highest nutrient content among other banana fruit. There are different kinds of banana in the entire world but there's no other banana fruit that can ever be compared to the nutrients that is contained and sustained inside a Cadava Banana in the Philippines. Here are the health benefits that we can get from eating saging na saba:

1. Best source of vitamins and minerals

     - Every ones lives are full of activities, as well as you, and that will surely make your energy drained. Eating 2 cardava bananas could instantly increase your energy level.

2. Regulates your circulatory system

     - Cardava banana is rich in potassium. It can be helpful in regulating your body's circulatory system by delivering oxygen your brain.
3. Stops constipation

     - It contains fiber that can help you prevent constipation.

4. Helps you quit smoking

     - Quitting your smoking habit is very hard. Try to consume cardava banana to help you quit smoking. It contains Vitamin B and other types of minerals that can reduce the effect of nicotine in your body.
5. Treats ulcer

     - It can reduce the acidity in your mouth and promotes intestinal heath by leaving a protective coating on the inner walls.

6. Eliminates hangover

     - After a long night of drinking alcohol, you'll surely experience hangover after waking up. Try to eat cardava banana to reduce your hangover.

Attention to All Women! Here are Things That You Should Never Do While You Have Your Monthly Period!

     There are things that you should never do while you have your period. Menstruating women have revealed a number of interesting facts. The common fact is that it is quite normal for women to be in the mood for love making while bleeding. Some women are blessed with an easy period, while some go through hell. Plus there is a lot of discomfort pain in the body. There are the things you should never do while you are in period:

Unprotected Intercourse

     There is a high chance of getting pregnant before and after their period. It is very highly recommended not to have intercourse during your period in order to avoid infections.

Never Skip Meals

     Do not skip meals when you are on a period. Remember that you are losing a lot of blood during this time. Food is one of the best source of energy you might need in your body.

Stay Away From Physical Work

     Avoid doing any physical work to prevent yourself from experiencing back or stomach pain during your period.

Eat Fast Food

     Eating fast food is a good idea. Treat yourself by all means in order to have a good mood. Do not eat too much and do not eat unhealthy foods.

Stay Up All Night

     Sleeping early is another healthy way while you are in period. Put your headset on and make yourself fall asleep while sleeping with sounds.

Extra Tips:

     - Never drink ice cold water
     - Avoid drinking soda or soft drinks
     - Avoid eating cucumbers
     - Avoid eating sour food

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to naturally whiten your teeth in just 3 minutes!

 Are you sitting on your chair, thinking on how to talk to your seatmate or office mate, but is quite anxious because of your teeth that is a bit of yellow in color and has tartar in it? You're probably thinking that you're going to embarrass yourself when they notice your teeth. Why do we even have to have tartar in our mouth? And how can we remove it? You've probably thinking those questions right now, but worry no more cause we'll guarantee you that we'll help you remove those tartar in your teeth.

     First of all, the yellowing of our teeth is because of the deposits called tartar, and it is accumulated from the food that we ate, and is stuck in our teeth, or the nicotine from the cigarettes that you used. If you let your teeth to go yellow, you've probably have been having a poor hygiene, and that you may suffer from a serious dental condition like peridontitis.

It's a good thing that we found a D-I-Y remedy mouthwash for that Yellow Teeth of yours. Don't worry because this mouthwash will definitely remove those unwanted Tartar and will make your teeth white as pearl again!

Ingredients for the D-I-Y Tartar Mouthwash Remover!

     Baking Soda


     Hydrogen Peroxide

     Warm Water

     Dental Pick

     Antiseptic Mouthwash

     Small Container



     1. Prepare your ingredients.

     2. Mix half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda in a small container.

     3. Dip your Toothbrush in warm water and then dip it on the mixture.

     4. Brush your teeth for a good five minutes to remove those tartar and food residues.

     5. Gargle a cup of hydrogen peroxide with half cup of warm water for 1 minute.

     6. Using a dental pick, rub the remaining tartar in your teeth carefully.

     7. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash, so that it will kill all the bacteria.

     You can use fruits that is rich with Vitamin C to soften the tartar in your teeth. You can use strawberries, tomatoes, and other fruits for only five minutes. If this article helped you, please share this to your family, friends, school mates, and co-workers so that you could help them too with their problem!