Friday, March 30, 2018

Never Use Your Cellphone Before Going To Sleep! Here's Why!

Artificial lights that appear on mobile phones and tablets can causes sleep deprivation in modern humans. It messes with our sleep period, push us to be awake by turning our bodies that it’s actually daytime. Failing to get sufficient sleep can lead us to lack of concentration in everything we do, can affect us also to depression and personal changes.

For young children and teenagers, lack of sleep can happen to poor academic performance and attention dysfunctions. Deep sleep is essential as it is the time when our body restore cells and repairs damage suffered during the day. Using the handsets before bed causes people to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them.

According to Dr. Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, “There is now more than sufficient evidence from a large number of reputable investigators who are finding that smartphones exposure an hour before sleep adversely affects deep sleep.”

Some were exposed to radiation that mimicked what a person receives when using a smartphone. Radiation may activate the brain’s stress system, making people more alert and less able to fall asleep, according to Professor Bengt Arnetz. He added: “We find an effect from mobile phones from exposure scenarios that were realistic. This suggests that they have measurable effects on the brain.”

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Things and Foods That You Have To AVOID While On Your Period!

Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect in early stages; only a fifth of all cases are detected when the cancer is still localized. Symptoms can include those often associated with less severe problems, such as abdominal bloating or swelling, urinary urgency, and pelvic pain -- and are thus often overlooked by women.

Well if you don't want to have ovarian cancer, AVOID doing and eating/drinking these things:

Ovarian cancer: What to avoid during mensuration...

1. Avoid cold foods and drinks. 

The cold temperatures will cause your stomach muscles to cramp, resulting in additional pain during your menstrual cycle. Although cold treats - such as ice cream, frozen slushies, and ice water - may seem to be good remedies for alleviating discomfort during your period, they only worsen it. Instead, use heat to relax your stomach muscles. Hot water will allow your body to make instant use of it. You could also add herbs and tea to reduce the pain. Additionally, heat up your food before eating it.

2. Avoid dairy. Milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products can increase prostaglandins

The hormones that make your uterus contract during your period—and can makecramping worse. Try reducing these foods in your diet, or avoid them altogether when you're on your period.

3. Avoid bathing in cold water

I think as a whole, anything cold is not good for women when they are menstruating. So besides avoiding cold food and drinks, one should also avoid bathing in cold water. I can’t say if this is true since I’ve always been bathing in warm water anyway.

4. Avoid alcohol and Caffeinated drinks.

While alcohol may reduce cramps temporarily, in can increases oestrogen levels, thus worsening period symptoms.

Instead, choose virgin mojitos, watered down lassi, coconut water, all of which will keep you hydrated and are recommended period foods.

Turn down the volume of coffee—one of the main drinks you need to avoid during your period. It increases blood pressure and heart rate leading to tension and anxiety attacks and in turn, worsening the PMS symptoms.

Instead, have green tea, tomato and carrot juice or any type of soup.

5. Don't be on heavy washing while menstruating.

This is because the pores are open during this period.. and this causes a headache. This effects can be felt whether you are young or old.

6. Don't eat cucumber 

Never eat cucumber while having menstruation because the sap in the cucumber can cause the blood flow to be left in the uterus wall. The is the origin of ovarian cancer.

What are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?

It’s easy to overlook the early symptoms of ovarian cancer because they’re similar to other common illnesses or they tend to come and go. The early symptoms include:

  • abdominal bloating, pressure, and pain
  • abnormal fullness after eating
  • difficulty eating
  • an increase in urination
  • an increased urge to urinate.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

These people gets BASHED by netizens after POSING like this on a Cross!

Holy Week is the day or time where people can relax, reflect, meditate, and be more connected to God for Catholics. It is sacred to Catholics commemorate the death of Jesus on the cross. Not everyone is Catholic but respect should not be forgotten.

What do you think of this photos?

These pictures are posted by Luigi Quisumbing, the Mayor of Mandue. Mayor Quisumbing says that this photos was sent by his friend.

In the post he captioned "Ok. This may be one of the worst thing ever."

As seen on the photos, the tourists posed on a cross just like what Jesus did and it seems like they were happy enjoying posing, not thinking about what people might think of them.

Of course the picture shows disrespect and netizens criticized the tourists for their actions.

The photos were taken in Pampanga years ago in Barangay Lourdes Northwest of Angeles City.

Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan is not happy to see the pictures that's why they do actions since 2013 to prevent this from happening.

"After the unfortunate incident,wire fenceswere installed,and tourist were no longer allowed to get near the area of the solemn and sacred rite." sabi ni Pamintuan.

Nerve-racking scene when statue of Jesus moves It's head during a procession!

You will surely get goosebumps after watching this video posted by a netizen on facebook.

On the video posted by facebook user, Razelvien Garcia Cruz, a statue of Jesus in a procession can be seen on a 'Karo' as it's a regular tradition during Holy Week in the province of Bulacan. Some cool lights and sound effects can also be heard to make the people feel the realistic vibe. But afterwards, the head of the Jesus suddenly move up and down that shook most of the viewers. Watch the video below.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ladies! Don't drink ice water, Seltzer Water, and Coconut During Menstruation. Here's why....

During menstruation you need to avoid taking any drink that is very hot or cold. This is because drinks metabolise faster than solids. Also it is not that you are a tank and what you pour from your mouth will reach the stomach as it is. The action of cold and hot drinks is not suitable during menstruation. Some hot drinks can cause a distress that leads to worsening of cramps. Cold drinks of the other hand cause contractions of the alimentary canal.

Here's why you shouldn't drink ice water, sparkling water, and coconut when you have menstruation.

  • Cold water

Chinese women teach their daughters not to drink cold water, especially during their periods as it can mess up with their health. Here are a few reasons why women should refrain from drinking cold water during periods.

Studies say that cold water can increase pain during periods. So, it's advisable to have warm or hot water during those five days in the month. Various doctors have said that it's better to have warm water as it helps soothe pain and also helps in partial riddance of period cramps. According to Chinese studies, drinking cold water will harm the balance of your body and also affect your skin and health. Chinese women teach their daughters not to drink cold water, especially during their periods as it can mess up with their health.

Research also proves, that drinking ice when you have menstruation can cause menstrual blood left in the uterus wall, after 5-10 years can cause "cysts & uterus cancer".

  • Seltzer, sparkling, fizzy, carbonated or soda water.

Aerated drinks or carbonated drinks can cause acidity and thus lead to bloating. The more the intestines expand, the worse the reaction from the uterus.

  • Coconut

You can drink coconut water but only in day time and in small quantity. It is not highly advisable yet, it can be the one of the effective and fast blood builder. Women when having their period tends to feel pain and reducing body blood. During periods digestive system becomes weak. So one should eat light, liquid and hot during this period.

Lpki (Indonesian Cancer Institute)

Friday, March 16, 2018

Here’s How to Make Homemade Natural Viagra With Only 2 Ingredients!

We all know how effective Viagra can be, but it seems that this medicine also leads to certain side effects in some men. 

That’s why naturopaths have decided to create a homemade natural Viagra that contains only two ingredients that can be found in almost every grocery store.

The ingredients used in this natural Viagra have been praised for their aphrodisiac effects for centuries. As already mentioned, Viagra is a very potent drug used by men of all ages in order to boost sexual performance and function. Only a small number of men know that this remedy can be prepared at home too.


Here’s what you’ll need to prepare this natural Viagra:
  • Lemon
  • Watermelon
Watermelon includes many different nutrients and provides powerful aphrodisiac effects thanks to the presence of Lycopene and Citrulline compounds. It is good to mention that you should stay away from salt, sugar, spice or any additional flavor when preparing this 2-ingredient remedy because it will lose its properties.

Take the watermelon and cut it into tiny pieces and place these pieces into a blender or juicer so you can get about one liter of juice. Don’t forget that the white matter found in the shelf o watermelons is useful too because it contains high amount of Citrulline.

So, don’t throw it away – put it in the juicer.

Once you are done, put the juice in a pot. Let it boil for a couple of minutes and after that squeeze juice from one lemon in the pot. While the watermelon juice is boiling keep mixing the remedy. Keep boiling the mixture until the majority of the liquid is gone and the content found in the pot is reduced to 50%. Let it cool for about 60 minutes. Next, put the mixture in a clean glass bottle and keep it in a dry, relatively dark and cool place. You can use the fridge for this purpose.

Source: PeanutDaily

Never Ever Shave Your Private Hairs Again! Here's the reason why!

Shaving of the pubic hair too so many people is nothing new. A few sociological theories have suggested that shaving of the pubic hair has to do with cultural trends spawned by certain hairless actors and actresses or even a misguided attempt at hygiene.

The most common body areas shaved are the underarms, legs, pubic area, eyebrows, and face for females; the face, abdomen, back, chest, groin, and legs for males. While some people prefer wax, shaving is the most common method used for the underarms, legs and pubic area.

Here are 7 reasons why you should not shave your pubic hair:

1. Pubic hair contains pheromones

Apparently, our pubes contain an interesting mix of pheromones that help make us more attractive to others.

These pheromones develop more as our body sweats and are also thought to increase s*x.ual stimulation and arousal in potential s3 xual mates.

2. Having no pubes means you’re more likely to catch Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral skin infection that, although generally harmless, can look unsightly and lead to itching.

3. Hair removal can give you abscesses

Hair removal can lead to infected abscesses on the skin – these are caused by bacteria entering the body through the hair follicle.

These abscesses require treatment either by antibiotics or an operation, which always carries a danger risk.

4. The time

The sheer time and effort it takes to maintain a foliage-free environment down under may be enough to turn you off the practice.

Shockingly, a study revealed that the average woman spends a whopping two months of her life removing pubic hair – that’s a lot of hours you’re not going to get back.

5. Pubic hair helps control your body temperature

By removing your pubes, you could be messing up your body’s ability to cool itself down.

There is a sebaceous gland on each hair follicle which releases oils onto the hair – when this oil evaporates, it cools the skin.

6. Increased chance of STDs

Those pesky short and curlies actually help to protect you from a variety of nasty STIs.

Removing them leaves you open to an increased risk of an array of conditions, including genital warts and herpes.

7. Friction burn

A hair-free lady garden leaves you open to experiencing a pretty painful dose of friction next time you get frisky.

Pubic hair acts as a cushion and can prevent both chafing and skin irritation.

Couple any bedroom antics with an equally hair-free partner and you’re asking for trouble – especially if either of you have any ‘re-growth’ going on.

Watch this video below.

Source: PeanutDaily