Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Pretty Dermatologist Caught the Attention of the Netizens! Check here why!

A lot of netizens have been hoked with Pimple Popping and Cyst extraction videos, because of their curiosity. It has been a problem to many to have acne and pimples and even cysts, and normally these causes robs our confidence or even self respect, since the society nowadays call people with acne or pimples "Ugly." Having them on your body is nasty and disturbing, not just for yourself but also for others.

A pretty Dermatologist named Dr. Sandra Lee has caught the attention of netizens because of her work. She has been known in the world of YouTube and Instagram as Dr. Pimple Popper. It might sounds gross but once you watch a video of hers, you'll probably get hooked to her also.

Dr. Sandra Lee has made her mission to promote the practice of dermatology. She wants the people to be educated and is advising the people on how to properly care for their skin, to create awareness about various skin conditions and diseases, and about the information of the dermatological procedures. She specializes in general and cosmetic dermatology.

She has 1 million+ followers on her Instagram(@drpimplepopper) and also 1 million+ subscriber on her YouTube account which had her videos viewed for over 450 million+ times already.

Here are some of her short videos in her Instagram account:

A video posted by Sandra Lee, MD Dermatology (@drpimplepopper) on

A video posted by Sandra Lee, MD Dermatology (@drpimplepopper) on