Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Skipping One Meal can do 5 Things to your Body! Check these out!

Have  you always wanted a healthy body and sexier body like those of your favorite celebrities? A lot of people, especially the females, would make an effort just to have the curves that they wanted. They go and attend gym sessions with their coaches in order for them to gain the healthy and fit body that they've wanted. And some, even tend to skip their meals for a much faster development in their body.

Some people doesn't mind skipping means, but did you know that there are harmful causes to our body that just by skipping one meal can affect the mental and physical state of our being? And because of skipping meals, haven't you felt that you get to look for more food when you're starving. That means that if you skip one meal, you're gonna look for a bigger meal for the next meal then you won't end up with the curves that you wanted.

And thus, we're giving you 5 reasons why you should not skip a meal:

1. There's a catch. You might lose weight in skipping meals but..
     There has been some researches that suggest that you'll drop some weight but its a bad weight for such a short period of time, but then you'll just eventually gain more belly fat than ever.

2. Inflammation calms down.      Fasting and periods of it can trigger damage in repairing adaptations in your cell. From arthritis to cancer to heart disease and to many major health conditions that can be damaged by chronic inflammation.

3. You could run low on nutrients.
     Skipping a meal can cause you risk to nutrient deficiency that might link you to fatigue, poor mental function, and your other health concerns are in a much higher stake from getting them.

4. Your risk may increase for some diseases.
     There has been a study that women who skip meals such as breakfast regularly has a 20% increased risk of developing two(2) types of diabetes, while men  who skip breakfast meals have an increase risk of heart disease.

5. Sickness.
     The longer for you to skip meals, the greater the chance of having headaches, fatigue, extreme hunger, and infection. Skipping meals takes a toll on your body and this will set you up for a slower metabolism and the crazy hunger that pangs you to eat a lot.

So, take note, never skip a meal, just eat minimally and make sure that what you're eating is healthy. It doesn't mean you need to eat leaves all the time. Take some time to research on what food should you eat. Try smaller and healthier meals, plus some small workouts.

Source: The Viral Pedia