Monday, April 25, 2016

Wearing Boxers at Night can Cause you Health Risks!

Sleep is a natural recurring state of our mind in which it is characterized by altered consciousness. Sleep can be associated with a state of muscle relaxation and it reduces the perception of environmental stimuli.

Sleeping is the time in which our body regain its lost strength from the previous day. It is important to at least sleep 7 to 8 hours for your body to function normally because your body needs to rest to prepare for the next day that is ahead of you.

But sleeping can sometimes put our body in a risk, according to some experts. eating a lot of amount of food especially on dinner time might put your heart and pancreas in a dangerous situation. Also there's a myth in which you cannot sleep after taking a bath without drying your hair as it might cause you headache and migraine.

According to a Doctor named Brian Steixner, his recent study shows that wearing underwear such as boxers and briefs while sleeping can cause harmful effects on a Man's potency to produce sperm. It can lower down the quality of the sperm and also the count of it which is really a bad news for those men who wants kids in the future.

Dr. Brian Steixner even said that "Your nether regions need to be just at the right temperature in order to optimize sperm productions. More bacteria make for a higher likelihood that chafed or irritates the skin down there becomes affected."

Though there are some studies that defies his idea, like wearing nothing is better because it lowers down the body temperature.
Watch the video below.

Source: TNP, TCF