Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Woman Posts N*de Photo With a Man on Social Media and Goes Viral Online!

It appears that the lines of a relationship and friendship are continually being blurred, with the boundaries and limitations being completely ignored by some individuals. 'Friendship' has taken a whole new meaning in this day and age, which is no surprise considering that most people.

The photo drew mixed reactions and controversy in the eyes of many people, with many scratching their heads in complete confusion. If this is what defines friendship today, then there's no doubt many people would want to be friends with others for the wrong reasons.

Just like this Facebook post of netizen Syra Ordiz Buendia that caught the attention of many people and began to spread like wildfire on social media. The photo shows her half-naked with a man inside a hotel room. What made thins interesting is the fact that she captioned the photo with "P.s. Just a friend ! Ganito lang tlaga kami mag bonding. #?FriendshipGoals?"
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Article source: TheViralPedia