Friday, May 6, 2016

5 Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer that You Might Be Ignoring!

Cervical Cancer, also known as the fourth in the list of killer illness. It is one of the most fatal disease among Women that a lot has been ignoring on its early stage, that's why physicians strongly push and encourage women to go for an early detection and to undergo a pap smear once a year, this would give them a survival rate of 100%.

This type of Cancer is only found within women, and there are certain symptoms that a lot of women normally ignore and thought that it is normal or just some signs of dysmenorrhea. Though a lot of doctors have been recommending that everyone of the female sex should not ignore any irregularities because it might be an early indication of Cervical Cancer.

If you have felt or have been feeling any of these, we suggest that you consult your doctor immediately.
5 Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer!

1. Discomfort while Urinating and Abnormal Bladder Control.

     Feeling discomfort while urinating and having an abnormal bladder control might be one of the symptoms of cancer. So better get yourself checked by a doctor ASAP.

2. Extended Menstrual Period and Irregular Flow.

     If you have regular menstrual period, but has suddenly shifted into a long and irregular flow of blood, it might be one of the symptoms.

3.  Distress in the Pelvic Area.

     A lot of women might get confused about this one, because it might be a symptom of Cancer or just a symptom of Dysmenorrhea. If in case that the pain occurs for several days after you have had your period, this might be a sign that you need to seek professional medical attention immediately.

4. Abnormal Pain during Sexual Intercourse.

     If you feel or experience extreme pain whenever you and your partner were having intimate moments, please kindly visit your doctor to have it checked immediately.

5. Uncommon Bleeding and Discharge Blood with a Foul Odor.

     If your pelvic area in inflamed, there will be a tendency to release a foul odor which is a result of yeast infection and a heavy blood discharge, if you have felt or have been having these symptoms, please go to the nearest hospital because you need to be attended by a doctor ASAP.

For more information about these Warning Signs, please watch the video below, as it will be very helpful for you, or for your loved ones.

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Sources: TCF/YouTube