Monday, May 2, 2016

Cabbage Leaves Used as a Relief for Breast Engorgement!

Cabbage leaves can be used as a relief for Breast Engorgement, but what is Breast Engorgement? For those who didn't know Breast Engorgement is when a mother's breast is too painful because it is overfull of milk, meaning the breast is too full of milk. It normally occurs when a mother's breast makes a lot of milk than her baby uses or needs. The breasts becomes very firm and swollen, which will make it hard for you to breast-feed your baby.

 In a book called Beginnings: A Practical Guide Through Your Pregnancy, there were 4 tips for breast engorgement, and these are the following:
  • Putting Ice Packs on your Breasts.
  • Do not touch your nipples or do not let your clothes rub on them.
  • Do not squeeze out the milk from your breasts.
  • Do not use hot water when you're in the shower.
It can be quite uncomfortable with using ice packs, but it'll help you ease the pain that you're feeling. Mothers will naturally notice the discomfort in wearing clothes that might rub their breasts and also the use of hot water in the shower will be avoided.

In the said book called Beginnings: A Practical Guide Through Your Pregnancy, the writers sought for a method in which it is a proactive self-care for the breast engorgement. They've asked a lot of prenatal nurses, lactation specialists and midwives as to what they're recommendation would be for breast engorgement. A lot of them recommended the use of Cabbage Leaves to apply on the Mothers breast to relieve the pain of engorgement. 

The Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth group has conducted a research in which there would be a two clinical trial about using cabbage leaves for breast engorgement. On the first group they used the cabbage leaves, and on the other group they received routine breast care. It seems that the researchers concluded that the use of Cabbage Leaves resulted in fewer women giving up breast feeding and has recommended the further use of Cabbage Leaves as a relief for breast engorgement.
It seems that the sulfur in amino acid methionine that is found in the Cabbage Leaves acts as an antibiotic and anti-irritant, and has also draws an extra flow of blood to the breasts. It dilated the capillaries in the breasts and acts as a counter irritant, which relieves the engorgement in the breast and also the inflammation and will allow the milk to flow freely from the breasts.

So in the end, you can use Cabbage leaves in a room temperature or a chilled one to help you soothe the pain in the breast area, because it will reduce the pain that you feel from the breast engorgement without any side effects. It will also add up the duration for your breast feeding.
Watch the actual video below!