Saturday, May 14, 2016

Check Out the Truth Behind those Dimples on Your Back!

    You have probably heard the song "Little Things" by One Direction and heard the lyrics "the dimples on your back at the bottom of your spine." And wondered what might they be talking or mean by that lyrics. Guess what? They're talking about those small dimples on a persons back, literally, and having those small dimples at your lower back means that you are special if you have them.
     You might be curious with what we mean right? Those dimples that are located on a person's lower back is actually called "Venus holes or dimples" for women and "Apollo holes" for men. The names came from the Greek Gods and Goddess who signifies beauty and great physical appearance.

     They said that having these dimples would mean that the person who have them tends to be more attractive to everyone's eye and the experts believe that those who had these dimples are said to possess the charm and allure of the gods, Apollo and Venus.

     The experts also stated that when people see a lower back that has those prominent dimples, the tend to be more sexier and having this on your back is like a lucky charm for you. So take a look on your mirror and check if you have these Venus or Apollo dimples!

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Source: News Feed PH