Friday, May 27, 2016

Create your Own Lipstick from Crayons?! Check This Out!

 In the present time, a lot of people use makeup so they can express themselves and make them feel pretty and beautiful. Women tend to buy a lot of makeup that costs a lot because they claim that using make up is boosting their confidence, may it be for work or for social gatherings, or just for themselves.

    One of the essential and at the top of the list of makeups that women use is lipstick. There had been a lot of color shades of lipstick to pick from so that it can match their outfits, or get up for that specific day. And normally lipsticks aren't really cheap, specially the branded ones and those high quality ones, which are too expensive for you.
  Though, we're here to give you some good news! Because now, there is a really easy, and cheap way to create your own lipstick by just using crayons! Don't worry because the ingredients we listed below are cheap and is readily available in the market, and the crayons are non-toxic.

Ingredients for your Do-it-Yourself Lipstick:

Crayons (Non-Toxic One)
Coconut Oil
Petroleum Jelly
Glass Jar
Tiny Containers

Procedure for your Do-it-Yourself Lipstick:

     Put water in the pot, make sure to fill it up half-ways (or maybe 1/4) and let it boil. When the water is already at its boiling point, turn the heat in low and place the Glass Jar on the center. Add up a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil and Petroleum Jelly inside the Glass Jar. Peel off the crayon packaging and break it into pieces so that it will be much easier to melt, then place it inside the glass jar. Mix the mixture until its smooth and then turn off the heat and use a pot holder so you can lift off the Glass Jar in the middle and pour all the mixture in a Tiny Container. Let the mixture cool down for a bit and then set aside in the fridge for about 30 to 1 hour so it will set nicely.

     Now you have your own cheap non-toxic lipstick! Just make sure to buy a Non-Toxic brand for the crayons that you will use so it will be safe for you and for those who will use the lipstick, don't worry cause it won't darken your lips, because of the coconut oil and your lips will be moisturized because of the petroleum jelly! If you're having a hard time following up the procedure above, then watch this video so you'll understand more of how this simple recipe is done!

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