Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Have A Younger Looking Skin, Without Having Surgery!

Everyday our bodies starts to grow older and changes. These changes gets more noticeable as years go by and its inevitable to everyone of us. A lot of people have been looking for ways to be more healthier, fit, and much younger looking. Especially without the wrinkles and blemishes on their skin.

Questing for a youthful skin is really hard, though a lot of people go for the option of going for Botox, especially the rich ones. It is proven that Botox does remove wrinkles or blemishes and also rejuvenates youth of the person who chose to have the procedure of it.

Its just that there are risks and going for cosmetic procedures is really expensive and most people cannot afford the price of one session. Also, the results may vary per person, sometimes they need to repeat these certain procedures to make sure that the result is perfect.

Once Botox (Botulism Toxin) is injected, it will interfere with the transmission of the nerve impulses which reduces the contraction of the facial muscles immediately. And thus will stop the formation of wrinkles in the face.

Luckily, you don't need to spend a lot of money anymore to get that younger looking skin that you've been aiming for, because there's is now a simple, and effective home made mask to remove those blemishes and wrinkles. And be amazed because you only need 4 Ingredients for this face mask!

Better check out the ingredients below and make sure to follow the instructions correctly! Ingredients:
1 tablespoon(tbsp) of Cornstarch
5 tablespoon(tbsp) of Fresh Carrot Juice
1 tablespoon(tbsp) of Low Fat Cream
100 milliliter(ml) of Water

-In a pot, pour the 100ml Water, then add the 1 tbsp Cornstarch, and mix.
-Place the Pot on the Stove and Heat the Mixture with Medium Heat.
-Stir the Mixture until it thickens and the Water Slowly Reduces.
-Add the 5 tbsp of Fresh Carrot Juice and 1 tbsp of Low Fat Cream.
-Gently mix everything until they are combined nicely.
-Remove the pot out of the Stove and Cool the mixture.

1. Make sure to wash and clean your face before applying the mixture of the face mask.
2. Apply the face mask to the desired areas of your face such as visible wrinkles and leave it on for 30 minutes.
3. Rinse your face with Lukewarm Water and Dry your face.
4. Repeat this Everyday.

Make sure to store the mixture of the face mask inside the fridge for later use. Remember that this home made face mask won't stop your aging process, it will only reduce the signs of blemishes and wrinkles and make it less visible.

Go on and try this easy easy face mask recipe and don't forget to leave us some comments below and share this to your family and friends!
source: TNP