Thursday, May 19, 2016

Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy College Student!

   A lot of College students, especially those on their Senior year are often pressed for time. They are even under in a lot of stress, and a lot of them would just go to the convenience store to grab and eat some food. Some of them might even find themselves skipping their meals or eating unhealthy foods.

     Eating a well balanced meal can help a person to cope up with the stress he/she feels and can also perform much better in what he/she is doing, and take note! it's not hard to get started in eating healthy!
#1 Always Eat a Good Breakfast

     It is shown in the studies that skipping breakfast can distract a person from what they're doing, may it be school or work. If you don't have time to eat a morning meal, you can grab a piece of fruit, juice, or even some sandwich that you can eat while on the way to school.

#2 Choose your Food Wisely, when It Comes to Fast Foods

     Eating food from fast food a lot is not healthy, but if incase you don't have any option or your friends asked you to hang out in a fast food then choose food which are less in high fat.

#3 Always Bring Healthy Snacks

     Always have a Healthy Snacks with you so if you sudenly go hungry and can't really go out of the night to buy some food, you can easily take away your hunger by just eating some healthy snacks.

#4 Eat lots of Food that is Rich in Calcium

     Since you are getting older, eating food that is rich in calcium is a must, especially to those with genetic osteoporosis. If incase you don't like milk, try eating low-fat yogurt, or low-fat cheese.

#5 Limit your Sugar Intake

     Since sugar can provide a lot of calories, limit using it, and consider drinking or eating tea, cereals, and fruits.

#6 Limit your Alcohol Intake and Drink lots of Water

     Take note that Alcoholic drinks supplies calories and it has no nutritional value. Instead of drinking alcoholic drinks, drink at least 8 glasses a day so you can keep up with your late night study sessions, and might we remind you, drinking alcohol can cause a big major hangover.

#7 Enjoy your Food

     When you have the time to eat a nice meal, try to enjoy it and chew slowly so that you won't make it hard for your tummy to digest your food. Enjoy eating with friends or family and relatives and eat a well balanced meal so you'll have enough energy for your school works.