Saturday, May 14, 2016

How To Describe Yourself just by Looking at Your Finger!

     In Palmistry which was also known as chiromancy is from the Greek word "Kheir" that means hand and "Manteia" which means divination. Palmistry is a state of characterization and also foretelling of the future through the study of palm reading or chirology.

     Palm Reading has been a practice that is found around the world and with different variations, depending on the person's background. Palm readers are also called to be chirologists, palmists, hand analysts, and hand readers.

     By reading the palm or just by checking out the fingers of a person, the palm reader can see and evaluate the person's character and even his or her future. The palm reader starts with the dominant hand, the hand that the person uses the most, as its the most used hand and has the details that the palm reader knows how to read.      In some places, some palm readers can also examine the characteristics of a person by just examining their fingernails and the palm reader will tell you in an instant the personality of that certain person or you. For example, check the picture below and check your dominant hand and your finger for pointing. Check if yours is A, B, or C, as we will tell you some of the characteristics of those finger of yours.

If you have Finger A:

     You are a very emotional person, but you always hide it from the others. You prefer to keep your emotions to yourself that's why some people think that you are strong and cool. You really care about your loved ones and cold to those who aren't close to you. If a person knows you well, you will have a good relationship with that person.

If you have Finger B:

     You are tough in making decisions, and you always remain calm in any situation that you're facing. Even if you are a sensitive person, you appear to be independent and strong. You believe in true love and will always be waiting for that special someone who will understand and love you the way that you are right now, even though you  are afraid to be hurt by the people you love.

If you have Finger C:

     You will not hold on to anything that will make you angry. You know what you like and dislike. You have a high ego, but when you know you are the wrong one, you know how to apologize for your mistake and you know how to forgive people that has done something wrong to you. You are not in favor of trying new things because you hate challenges.

To know more of your own personality and characteristics, watch the video below!
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