Wednesday, May 11, 2016

There are 7 Weird and Strange Health Tips that you must Know!

Did you know that there are 7 weird and strange health tips? But take note, because these weird health tips will definitely make you nod your head because its true that these are helpful for yourself.
7 Weird and Strange but True Health Tips!
1. Improving your Relationships to Protect your Heart!
We all know that being in a relationship, may it be with your family, relatives, friends, and loved ones aren't always perfect or in a not so good harmony at times. But did you know that if you feel anxious or needy constantly you are already putting yourself in a higher risk of cardiovascular problems.

People who felt to be broken hearted by their loved ones are strongly associated with higher risk of getting stroke, high blood pressure, ulcers and even heart attack, which was stated in a study by the American Psychological Association. It was said that these people who had "attachment insecurity" are much more prone to these sickness.

2. Eating More to Weigh Less!

Normally someone would think that eating less food will be a way or a key to your weight loss, but then, think about it, eating more would help you loose those fats that you don't really need. Why?
Simply because you need to eat small and healthy snacks throughout the day, of course with the addition to your regular balanced meals as these snacks will help you keep your stomach full and this will stop you from running to a convenience store or to your refrigerator with a very hungry stomach around 4 in the afternoon. But make sure to eat snacks which are healthy and mainly focus on the nutrients it has such as delicious protein rich foods like peanut butter, cheese and yogurt which are tasty and these can help in improving your metabolism and also encourage the building of your muscles.

3. Slow Down your Pace while Running!
In a study by the researchers of University of Ottawa named Bradley Young and John Samela, they found out that paying attention to the pace is what separates the successful runners from the others.

Your goal is supposed to be to get your body to recognize the pace that you're going (running) so that you won't burn all of your energy at the start of your run. Basically the goal is to just start running slowly, then speed up after getting used to slow running.

4. Drink a Glass of Water to Boost your Energy!

Drinking water improves your oral health, it also promotes weight loss and it energizes you. It's like water is the nature's magic elixir that gives us eternal life.

The researchers of Vanderbilt University Medical Center found out and raised the alertness of people about what an Ordinary Water can do to our body. These scientists discovered that as we drink water, the water will increase the activity on our Sympathetic Nervous System(SNS) which is responsible for activating the responses of our body under stress, the raising of blood pressure, the energy use and also the alertness. So the next time that you will need an energy boost, try skipping your coffee routine and change it to water.

5. Never Overdo your Beauty Sleep!

Sleeping is important as it lets our body rest with the activity we did for the day, it helps us feel our best and it can also protect us against diabetes, heart disease and even burn calories.

But then, a study at the University of Birmingham School of Medicine has found out that if you sleep more than eight(8) hours a day, including the nap times, are more likely to have metabolic syndrome that those persons who sleep less.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that can be linked to obesity, which increases the chance of you having heart diseases, including diabetes and even stroke.

6. Boosting your Brain Power through the use of Music!

A study that was published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience has gathered data around the world about the study of the effect of music on the brain. They found our that musical training, or any interaction with music will improve the brain's ability to handle communication.

So every time that you listen to music, may it be some pop or rock or even classical ones, you're improving your brain's fitness.

7. Calling your Mom to Beat All the Stress!

In University of Wisconsin Madison a study was conducted in which a group of girls ages ages 7 to 12 went through a task and was divided into three groups, the first group had 15 minutes in person with their mothers, the second was they called their moms and the last group was they watched a film.

The researchers found out that the levels of Oxycontin in the hormone that is linked to emotional bonding were increased in both the first and second group. The researchers saw that the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol were decreased in both the groups one and two.

Mothers are known for their TLC a.k.a. Tender Loving Care, and if you need a problem, they will be always there to help and guide you until you feel better.
Source: Best Heatlh Mag