Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Health Benefits of Donating Blood! Must Watch!

     Did you know that there are 5 Health Benefits of Donating Blood? And its not just beneficial to those who will be the ones to receive your blood. Its beneficial to you too? Why? Here are the 5 Health Benefits that you get whenever you donate your blood!

#1 The Joy of Saving Someone

     Sure, its a bit scary donating blood because of the needle that they'll use, but in the end, you will get a wonderful feeling that you where able to help someone else someday, or maybe even today because of your own blood. The blood that you will donate will be divided into various components which is according to the needs of the patients who will receive your blood. And each component can be used in different purposes. Did you know that every time you donate your blood, you can help not just 1 but 3 or 4 individuals. You'll be like a HERO to them.

#2 Free Check-Ups

     Every Blood Donation process, there will be a series of health check-ups before you get to donate your blood, and of course, its free and it will be a great benefit to you, because you might never know that you already have a blood pressure abnormality, and those free check-ups might detect it! And if in case you're good to go for blood donation, your blood will be screened for certain infections and you can ask them to inform you if there are abnormalities in the test in your blood. Free Check-ups means that it will help you to stay healthy!

#3 Donating Blood Can Reduce the Risk of Having Heart Disease

     Donating Blood Regularly can help you to keep the levels of Iron in your body in check, especially with males. And it was shown to reduce heart diseases. Excessive Iron build up can result in excessive oxidative damage, and it is the major culprit in accelerated ageing, heart attacks, and strokes.

#4 Burning up Calories

     Yes, donating blood can burn up your calories, and donating one time can help you shed of 650 Kcal which can help you in your body weight control measures. Though take note that donating blood can be done once in two or three months only, and not more frequently, also it will also depend on your health status and your blood hemoglobin and iron levels.

#5 Reduces the Risk of Cancer

     Having high levels of iron in your body can be implicated in cancer, and theoretically, donating blood frequently can reduce the risk of you having cancer. Though more research is still needed to find a strong evidence with this one. 

     If you still have doubts and excuses in your mind that prevents you from donating blood, watch the video below!

Sources: YouTube, LifeHack