Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6 Early WARNING SIGNS of Anal Cancer!

   People get too embarrassed or awkward whenever they talk about the anus, because, who would even like to talk about it? But, did you know that the 'anus' part of our body, is actually prone to a serious health disease, such as cancer.
    There has been a lot of scientific breakthroughs regarding cancer treatments,and due to its hostile symptoms, the treatments is so pricey because of its difficulty to formulate the right treatment and medicine to fight this disease. It might be quite uncomfortable to let someone else check your butt hole, specially those people who are associated with s*xual activities.

     Since the anus is also prone to cancer, knowing the early warning signs is really important for early detection, and these six early warning signs can really help you to figure out if you have anal cancer.

  • Anal Bleeding
  • Itching in the Anus
  • Unusual discharge from the anus
  • Presence of a lump or a hard part near the anus
  • Unusual bowel movements
  • Tenderness or Pain in the anus
     There's a lot of various methods for early detection to avoid such disease, you can try DRE, or Digital Rectal Exam, this is done through the insertion of a doctors finger inside your anus to check any abnormalities inside it. There's also Anoscopy, in which a tube like instrument will be inserted instead of the doctors finger. But this time there's also a small camera device to check your anus. There is also PET scans, MRIs, CT Scans, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, and Biopsy which is available in all of the hospital, in order to help you get checked!