Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Make Your Legs Thinner & Sexier in Just 6 Minutes?!

Having slim legs or slim thighs is like a dream come true for most women, because who doesn't want to have smexy legs to boast in front of the many? Especially to those who you want to notice you-ehem-crush-ehem. Anyways, having fat legs or fat thighs is making you conscious especially with wearing shorts and skirts with slits on the sides, right?
     Having fat legs and fat thighs don't just magically disappear, and if you want to achieve that smexy slim legs and thighs, you need to do some work, and thankfully achieving them is doable. You'll just need to read the tips that we wrote below and also watch the video so that you'll understand more on what you should do in order to lose those fatty legs and fatty thighs!

     Doing the right combination of diet and exercise is a must in order to achieve your goal, and if you're really consistent with what you're doing, you'll really see the results asap. There are certain exercises that can help you to own that shapely,  toned thighs that you've been wanting to have.

To have a thin and smexy legs in just 6 minutes you need to follow up these tips below!

#1 Air Bike

     Nope, you don't need to have a bike for this one, you just need to lie down on your back preferably in a yoga mat, lift your legs and start to imagine that you're driving a bike in the air. This exercise will be a great one for your muscles, especially of the thighs and buttocks part. This will enhance your legs and buttocks in a good way, making it more toned and slimmer.
You can do this while watching your favorite TV series, or movie, or even when listening to your favorite songs. Doing this daily for 6 minutes is really helpful for you to gain those slim legs and thighs.

#2 Criss Cross Scissors

     Again you need to lie down on your back, lift your legs up above, arms on your side, and move your legs as if you are doing a jumping jacks, but this time when you close your feet, you'll make a criss cross motion and just repeat this for 6 minutes per day.

#3 Froggers
     Lie down on your back and lift your legs above again, then make a pushing motion with your feet as if you're like a frog jumping, this exercise will tone down your inner and outer part of your legs and thighs. Again you'll need to repeat this for 6 minutes daily to make your dream legs come true.

     To find more exercise tips, watch the video below, and follow up the instructor as she show you what exercises you should do in order to gain that smexy legs and thighs!

Source: Artikulo News