Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Making Your Monthly Period Stop After 3 Days!

 A lot of women complain on how they hate the symptoms when it comes to their periods. There's cramps, headaches, back pains, and a lot more that could intervene with what they're doing, may it be for work or for leisure. One fact is that it can ruin a supposed to be a romantic weekend for you and your partner, in case you don't like getting bloody, that is, or just ruining your favorite white dress or outfit.
     Making your period to last for only three days is a really good thing, and it will be very helpful for every women out there if it can really happen. Though is it possible to stop your period once it started? Nope, it won't stop once it started, but let me tell you this, there are POSSIBLE things that you can do to reduce the days and end your period in just a span of three days.

Better check the things that you should do below, in order to shorten the days of your monthly period!

#1 Drink Ibuprofen

     Ibuprofen is a good medicine for a women that has their period. Why? It can minimize the cramps in their stomach and will help to ease the pain that they're feeling because of their menstruation. Make sure to ask a Pharmacists on how many tablets you could take for a day, and what's the recommended dose for your age.
#2 Drink a Lot of Water

     Drinking water can help you minimize your headaches and so is your irritation which is caused by your period. Water is a very crucial component that could make any woman to feel better when they have their monthly period.

#3 Eat a lot of Fruits and Vegetables

     Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the best thing that you can do when you have your monthly period because it would make you a lot more healthy and would help you to reduce the days of your period, plus fruits and vegetables taste really good. Oh, and by the way, if you don't like fruits and vegetables, let me tell you this, stop being a picky eater.

#4 Herbal Remedies
     Of course nothing beats using natural remedies, such as drinking teas, or herbal supplements that could heal your body and speed up the recovery process.

#5 Warm Bath or Shower

     Taking a warm bath or a hot shower can help you to relax your muscles and will make your menstruation to end a lot quicker. And it feels really good when you have your monthly period to bathe with a warm water.

#6 Swimming

     Yes, you've read right, you can try swimming because it helps you keep your muscles strong and healthy and the movement that you do when you're swimming can help you reduce the negative effects of your monthly period. If in case, you're quite scared of swimming while you have your period because it will be a bloody one, then go swimming after your period ended. Though there are times when your period magically stops when you go swimming.

You can watch the video below to know more a lot on how you can stop your period!

Sources: Artikulo News