Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Is The Effects Of Eating Chocolate To Your Health! Check here!

     Chocolate is usually sweet and brown in color, since it's a food made from cacao seeds. There are different variations of Chocolates, there's white chocolate which is a much sweeter one, there's also dark chocolate which is a bit bitter in flavor, and there's the normal one which is a bit sweet and a bit bitter.

     Chocolate has been everyone's all time favorite snacks or flavor of food, you can add them to cakes, there's also chocolate ice cream, and a lot more varieties could be done with chocolates, but did you know that eating chocolate is good for your health?

     There has been an evidence in a journal of Neurology about eating chocolates can help people to keep their brains healthy and make their thinking still as sharp as a knife. It seems that the study was conducted around August, and the participants were asked to drink 2 cups of cocoa daily for a span of 30 days. 

     The results where outstanding since there was an 8.3% increase in their scores on memory and thinking tests scores when the participants where tested. And that's only one of the health benefit from eating chocolates, so let's list down the health benefits that you can get when you eat or drink chocolates.

#1 Eating or Drinking Chocolate can enhance your memory, as it makes your brains more healthier and your thinking sharp.

#2 Eating or Drinking Chocolate can make your heart healthy. Daily consumption of chocolate can reduce the risk of someone having a heart attack or stroke, and these my readers was a proven proof because of a study that was conducted last 2012 and was written in a journal BMJ.

#3 Eating or Drinking Chocolate can make you slimmer. You might have been oriented in the past that chocolates can make you fat, nope, they won't. Yes, you've read right. Chocolates won't make you fat, because there has been a study that was concluded that the more a person eat chocolates or the regularly they eat a chocolate, they are more likely to be thinner than those who doesn't eat chocolates.

     The participants admitted that after eating chocolates 5x per week had a lower Body Mass Index than those who ate chocolates less frequently.

#4 Eating or Drinking Chocolate can make your Appetite in Control. Did you know that chocolate contains filling fiber? and filling fiber is a natural appetite suppressant. So, if you give in to your chocolate cravings, you'll end up eating fewer calories than when you avoid chocolates at all.

     As we've stated up in the upper paragraphs, there are a lot of variants of chocolates, there's white, the normal one, and the darker one, right? But did you know that choosing the darker flavored chocolate one is much better for your health? Why? Because pure chocolate is actually quite bitter, and the bitter the chocolates you take, the more good stuffs it has! There's fiber, magnesium and also antioxidants!

     Also, we advise that you make your own hot piping cocoa with love. Drinking a hot cocoa in a cold morning or night is a good daily routine for you, oh you can also get creative with chocolates, you can try partnering oatmeal or cereals with chocolates.

     So, what are you waiting for? stock some chocolates on your refrigerator and eat some chocolates daily for a much healthier you! Of course the darker the chocolate, the better!