Saturday, July 16, 2016

Energy Drinks are Dangerous and Here's the Reason Why!

   Younger people tends to like heavy sweetened drinks such as those at Starbucks, while the older people tends to go for Energy drinks to keep them awake and lively for a short span of time. Some people even drink a lot of Energy drinks just to stay lively the whole day, but dear readers it's not good to drink a lot of caffeinated drinks or even Energy drinks in just one sitting.      There might be some benefits that you could gain with drinking Energy Drinks but, there's also dangers to your health when you drink too many of it at one time.

1. Cardiac Arrest

     With just a few energy drinks, someone who has an underlying heart condition can go into a cardiac arrest. That's why its better to know your heart's health before drinking any energy drinks or caffeine with this matter.

     There's a study that showed that energy drinks can cause a lot of forceful heart contractions which is very harmful for people with heart conditions.

2. Headaches and Migraines

     Drinking a lot of energy drinks can lead you to having severe headaches because of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

3. Increased Anxiety

     There are times in which large dose of energy drinks can spur a full blown panic attacks in a person.

4. Insomnia

     Drinking energy drinks can keep people wide awake for some span of time, and when you abused yourself into drinking more of it, it can cause you to miss your sleep. Yes, no sleep at all, and that would be very bad for your body because it needs the rest that it needed for it to be back to full health.

5. Type 2 Diabetes

     We all know that energy drinks has a lot of sugar in it and that could wear out the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas which can lead for you to have a type 2 diabetes.

6. Drug Interactions

     Some ingredients in energy drinks can actually be interacted with the prescription of medications specially the medication for depression.

7. Addiction

     When people become addicted to caffeine and energy drinks it can lead to lack of functioning whenever you're unable to drink and energy drink or any caffeine related drinks and would cause you to have a financial stress from buying several energy drinks everyday because of your addiction to it.

8. Risky, Jittery feeling and Nervousness Behavior

     There was a study that showed that teens who are addicted into caffeine to energy drinks can actually take dangerous risk when they're high of those drinks. And that could result into an injury or worst, a legal trouble. Too much caffeine from energy drinks can actually cause some people to just shake and be anxious and would actually cause them to have emotional issues.

9. Vomiting

     Drinking too many energy drinks can lead to vomiting, and vomiting can cause dehydration and also acid erosion of teeth and esophagus if this happens frequently.

10. Allergic Reactions

     If you'll check the back packaging of your energy drink you'll definitely see a lot of ingredients in your energy drinks and some of these ingredients might cause you to have allergic reactions, from minor itching to airway constriction.

11. High Blood Pressure

     Drinking energy drinks can elevate a person's blood pressure, especially to those who have been frequently having an elevated blood pressure. It can place them to be at risk of having stroke and other health problems if they consume a lot of energy drinks.

     Stop getting addicted to energy drinks while it's still early, and don't let your kids to drink energy drinks, because it might be the cause of their death if they get addicted to it on an early age.