Thursday, July 14, 2016

Facts about Gaming and what Gaming does to You!

   A lot of players out there thinks that gaming is not just for their entertainment or its not just a way to kill their time. They think that its already who they are as a person, and gaming has been a part of their lifestyle. Players play games because sometimes playing games is much more better than the real world or gaming makes a gamer hyped with the adventures, items, friends that they get to meet over the games. That is one of the things that gaming could do, and it's not the only thing that it can do, there's a lot more facts about gaming and there's a lot of things that it can do to you!
1. Children who spent an hour gaming are much happier, less hyperactive, more adjustable, and social than those children who don't play any games at all.

     Parents out there should let their children play games too, since it doesn't have any negative influence over children, well except for those killing games which aren't appropriate for their age. That's why parents should check out the games that their children are playing. Games can be a good source of cognitive behavior that becomes enhanced as it is involved in using the imagination and also the alertness of wanting to win the game.

     Gaming can serve as a good distraction for any children whose hyperactive as they can spend their energy whenever they're playing games.

2. Games can train a person's brain neurons in making accurate and faster decisions.

     You might have seen a picture of a person in the internet doing multitasking, or being still in track of things even if they were in a chaotic environment, like the picture above. The fast the game is, or the more it has action in it, then the more faster that your brain will react and make decisions.

3. Gamers has a high chance of dreaming that they can consciously control, than those who don't.

     You might have experienced dreaming before in which you can quite control what's happening in your dream, right? That is called lucid dreaming, it lets the person explore the world in their dream. Spending a lot of time playing games or virtual realities are like in being in a dream that's why sometimes you see yourself in your dream but you see yourself in a third person view while you're exploring your dream

4. A game of Tetris can cut down your cravings for food, drugs, and even sex.

     Whenever you are craving for something it takes a little distraction for you to refrain that craving of yours. Like playing tetris, the more you win, the more you want to play and the more time you'll spend playing the game, then the more distraction it will do to you and will refrain you from doing anything to satisfy your cravings.

5. Female Gamers are more likely to have happier relationships and better sex lives that those who don't play.

     There was a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in which they found out that female gamers ends up having a better life and sex life than those non-gamer women. "I'm a female gamer, and I've met the love of my life in a game too. We are both happy with our relationship."