Friday, July 8, 2016

Not Changing Your Underwear Everyday has Harmful Effects on You!

One of the most basic lesson that was taught to us when we were kids was to have our personal hygiene in a good condition. Our parents taught us how to brush our teeth, take a bath, and even change our clothes. That's why no one is excused when in terms of having a good hygiene habit.
     There are times in which some people doesn't replace or change their underwear, yes it might sound disgusting but its the truth, there are people who doesn't change their underwear for a day or two, and its disgusting. This behavior has bad effects to their health, especially to the condition of their private area, and here are some of those bad effects to a person if he/she doesn't change their underwear.

1. The longer you don't change your undies, the more bacteria it can accumulate on the underwear, and as a result you'll feel itchy around your intimate area, and also discomfort. Your itchiness can also lead into skin irritation as you scratch your intimate area.

2. If you already noticed that your intimate area is feeling itchy or, you can't stop scratching yourself, it will lead to the redness, to rashes, and to sores. This is because your underwear is already full of bacteria because your skin got wet and even dirty since you don't change your underwear.

3. Aside from the skin irritation that will occur on your private area, there will also be another bacteria that will  cause the stinky smell on your private part, and we bet that you don't want any smelly stuff that could turn your lover off, right?

4. One of the most serious cases that you could get when you don't change your underwear is the growth of yeast infection. If you ever feel that there's an intolerable itchiness in your private part, then consult with your doctor immediately as it could get more worst than it shouldn't be.

5. For women out there, take note that your urinary tract is much shorter than that of men, and if the bacteria from your 2 to 3-days-no-change-of-underwear penetrates the inner layer of your urinary tract, then go to your doctor because it may result into a Urinary Tract Infection, also known as UTI.

      If in case you know someone who-doesn't-change-their-eww-underwear, then please share this article to them so that you could be a part of their so called "change".