Saturday, August 13, 2016

7 Meals that Could Help You Cure Your Hangover! Check These Out!

     Have you been a fan of drinking alcohol but hates the fact that when you wake up you'll end up with a big hangover, that would get your mood in a bad angle for the entire day? Worry No more as there are meals that could help you cure your hangover easily! Check these meals below and don't forget to share this to your mates who loves drinking but hates the hangover!

     The saltiness of the crackers can help your body to retain the water that it needed. There's also the Banana that can balance the salt levels in your blood that can keep you in check. Of course you shouldn't forget the Milti-Vitamins that can replenish the lost nutrients in your body and also the water to re-hydrate your body.

     The hot toast provides the calories that your body needed, while the Honey has fructose in which it will help you to break down the alcohol and also don't forget to drink Orange Juice as it has Vitamin C and it cal also speed up the Alcohol Metabolism so it won't stay that long in your body.

     Again, the Toast provides the calories that your body needed, add up a fried egg so that the cysteine it has can break down the bad toxins in your body, while the tomato can provide the potassium that your body needed for the day ahead of yours. Also if you're a coffee lover then make sure to drink at least one cup of it so that it can help you relieve that headache of yours.

     If you don't like toasts, there's the option of eating crackers that could provide the calories in your body. Add up Hummus to your meal as it has the vitamin B6 that can relieve the symptoms of a hangover. By the way Hummus is a thick paste or a spread that was made from ground chickpeas, sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon, and garlic. Did you know that Hummus originally was made in the Middle East? Anyways, let's go on to Green Tea, as it can provide antioxidants to your body and will help you relieve that feeling of nausea and also help relieving that headache of yours.

     This ain't a meal, but its a shake, as you can see it has strawberry in it, and that provides the Vitamin C that your body needed, also toss in some Banana in your blender to provide potassium, and lastly add up plain yogurt or if you want a flavored one, then why not, as it provides Cysteine.

     The ever so famous chicken noodle soup can provide your body some heat, and also the sodium and the potassium in needed to which it can help your body to retain the water that your body needed. Though of course don't forget to drink water just to help you re-hydrate your body more.
     This ain't a joke guys, drinking the Pickle Juice that was straight from the Pickle Jar ain't bad, because it provides high levels of Electrolytes to your body that could help you re-hydrate it. Also You can snack on a pickle, cause why not?

     So, what has been your meal for your hangover before? Try out the meals that are above that will surely help you with your hangover so as to not to stay as a sour sh-it in your bed the whole day.