Monday, August 8, 2016

Early & Deadly Signs of Heart Attack And Stroke For Everyone!

     Heart attack is a serious heart disease in which the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked or stopped abruptly, this is usually called as a blood clot. It is common that the adults are experiencing these kind of problems. But did you know that even the young people can experience the early signs of stroke and heart attacks? Here are some tips that you need to know when it comes to the topic of early warning signs of stroke!

1. Sudden bouts of dizziness and headache

     Sudden dizziness is one of the strong early warning sign of possible stroke especially within women below 45 years of age. If you suddenly feel dizzy or sudden head swings and even blackouts, just stop whatever you're doing and seek for help for anyone whose near you to get you to the hospital so you could get medical help immediately.

2. Incoherent language

      The earliest symptoms of stroke is when you suddenly start to talk gibberish. This is where you can't talk normally, and you would find it hard to converse in the normal way. Be warned because this can lead to the total loss of the ability to speak properly.

3. Sudden weakness in limbs

     A sudden weakness in your arms or legs could be also a sign of stroke. This symptom can lead to paralysis and even the state of collapsing. Test your muscles by extending your arms outwards palm facing up for about 10 seconds, if one arm fall down it shows that your muscle is weak and you badly needed help.

4. Facial weakness

     If you feel that the one side of your face is suddenly drooping then that's like being semi paralyzed, it is an extremely large warning that you are already having a stroke and needed medical help.

5. Hiccups

     This symptom affects mostly women which is resulting in a sudden bout of constant hiccuping. This is caused by a stroke attack in the breathing in the center of the brain. Kindly get help immediately if your hiccups didn't stop at some point in time.

6. Shortness of breath and palpitations

     When stroke sudden attacks you, you could be having a fatigue or you may suddenly experience having shortness of breath due to the difficulty in breathing or the lack of air that you breathe. This may lead to heart palpitations or an increased heartbeat because of the lack of oxygen in your body.