Monday, August 15, 2016

Find Out What a Man's "Morning Secret" is That Most Women Doesn't Know!

     We are all aware that most men, or almost all of them experience having a "Morning Wood" each time they woke up, right? Unlike women, men couldn't hide "it" whenever they get turned on by something, or a someone. -coughs-you-coughs-

     Anyways, the experts, a.k.a the scientists, have revealed some scientific reasons for this waking up phenomenon that happens to men. According to these scientists, the thing that is happening to most men is called nocturnal penile tumescence. And there is at least 6 explanation as to why such thing occurs.

Reason No.1 : The Excuse of Having No Reason at All
     Yup you've read that right. There's that reason. But did you know that a normally healthy man can have up to at least 5 erections at night without having any reason at all. Some even can stay erect and last up to 25 minutes.

Reason No.2 : The "Time for an Exercise" Reason

     Let's say having an erection ain't that easy, as it has to hold the blood to sustain during an intimate act (an inter-course), so it needs some pumping and exercise to be all ready for the main event.

Reason No.3 : The "Morning Hormones" Reason

     These experts say that men gets to have a 25% to 50% higher testosterone level in the morning, that is why most men gets hard whenever they get to sleep for at least a 5-hour sleep.

Reason No.4 : The "It Got Rubbed" Reason

     The 'thing' is the most sensitive part in any man's body, and whenever it got rubbed up by something, it's a normal reaction to stand up high. Don't panic, as it's normal, just try to think of other stuffs and let it subside.

Reason No.5 : The "He's Just Ho-rny" Reason

     You know, no matter what's your excuse is, sometimes there's this thought of he's just horny, or maybe he's a per*vert.

Reason No.6 : The "Reflex Erection" Reason

     It's just pure science, it means that a man simply needs to pee.