Sunday, August 14, 2016

For All The Women: Never Eat This Part of the Chicken For a Very Serious Problem! Must See!

     A woman shared her friend's experience and warns the others with what they're eating especially to all the women out there who likes eating "this" particular part/s of a chicken. The woman remained to be anonymous, but a lot of people have considered and heeded her warning.      "A friend of mine recently had a growth in her womb and had to undergo a surgery because it turned out that there was a cyst in her womb and it needed to be removed immediately. When the cysts was removed, the doctor opened it and the cysts was filled with a dark colored blood. At first my friend thought that she would already recover after the surgery, but she ended up in a very bad shape."

     "The doctor announced that after the surgery there had been a relapse within her condition. My friend then returned to her gynecologist for another consultation, during her consultation, the doctor asked her a question that seemed to puzzle her. The doctor asked if my friend kept on eating or consuming chicken wings and the neck part, and turned out that my friend does eat those part of the chicken and wondered how did her doctor knew of her eating habits."
     According to the experts, the chickens are getting injected with steroids in order to sustain their rapid growth, and of course it is still edible to eat and these steroids were normally injected to the neck and wings part of the chicken to make sure that those parts are abundant with the said substance.

     That particular substance actually has an awful effect on our bodies, especially to the female population or the women. Since the steroids ca cause a change in our bodies hormones and what's worse is that it can lead to the growth of cysts on either the breast or the womb part of a woman.