Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Here are the Effects of Always Eating at Fast Food Chains to Your Body!

   We all know that eating at the fast food chains, such as Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC, etc. can contain a lot of calories and less nutrition on our body. If eating at fast food chains is a regular component in your everyday living, then you might find yourself to be struggling with weight problems and also your health will decline and would make you ill.

     This article will help you to know about the effects of always eating at fast food chains to your body, how it affects it and what might happen to you if you continue your habit of eating everyday in one of it.

     Food is our body's fuel for our daily living, it has a direct impact on our overall health. Fast Food isn't really bad, but there's a lot of cases in which it's highly processed and it contains a lot of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats, and a lot of salt (sodium). Fast food often has a little or no nutritional value at all, and when you continue to replace nutritious food in your diet, it might lead to poor nutrition, poor health, and even weight gain for some.
     A lot of fast food restaurants serve foods and drinks that is loaded with carbohydrates, and a lot of calories. Your digestive system breaks down the carbs into sugar(glucose) and is released into your bloodstream, while your pancreas will respond by releasing insulin. Insulin is needed to transport the sugar to cells throughout your body, and as the sugar is absorbed, your blood sugar levels drop, and when your sugar gets low, your pancreas will release another hormone called the glucagon which will tell the liver to start using the stored sugar in your body.

     When you take in high amount of carbs in your body, it will cause a spike in your blood sugar which can alter the normal insulin response, and did you know that having frequent spikes in your blood sugar can contribute for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes? While too much sodium in your body can cause your body to retain water and that would make you feel bloated and puffy. Too much salt can contribute on making your blood pressure high and also the enlargement of your heart muscle.
     Obesity is one of the things that is associated with eating junk foods and at fast food. It is also associated with the increase of respiratory problems. Eating commercial baked goods such as the all time favorite doughnuts, muffins, pizza's, hamburgers, and hot dogs are actually linked to depression. A junk food diet can affect your brain's synapses and the molecules that are related to memory and learning.

     Normally you would blame chocolate and greasy foods when you have acne's but, dear readers, they aren't the real culprits. It's the carbohydrates that you should blame, because foods that are high in carbohydrates increases the blood sugar levels, and that causes and triggers acne.

     So, before you think of going outside of your house to buy some take-out food on a fast food chain, re-think about it and think about your health. Early prevention is much better than regretting everything you've done in your life when you're already lying in bed, with a disease or illness that you've never thought that you'll have in your whole lifetime.