Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mixing 2 Tbsp. of This Oil in Your Meal Will Surely Reduce Your Risk of Having Breast Cancer!

     Some of us know that Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer within women, while the most common is skin cancer. Breast Cancer can (take note) occur both in men and women, so this ain't only for the women.

     As we grow older the risk of getting breast cancer increases too, and the solution for cancer still needs a lot of money and medicine and also operations to go through. Add up the chemotherapy sessions that you needed to attend to weekly so you could heal up much faster.

     Though we're thankful and fortunate that there are natural ingredients that can actually help us to reduce the cancer factors that have been a risk for developing breast cancer. In a new Spanish study, they've suggested that adding 2 Tablespoon of extra-virgin Olive Oil to your meal or diet can actually reduce the risk of having breast cancer.
     These experts have concluded that the olives and the olive oil is one of the possible reason as to why these "individuals who participated in the study" had reduced the risk of having breast cancer. Did you know that Olive oil and Olives are abundant in antioxidants, lignans and other compounds that can reduce the factors associated with Cancer? Well, now, you know so you better stop removing those olives out of your pizza slice, okay?

     By adding 2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to coat your salad or fish, meat, or even vegetables before cooking, baking, or roasting them is good enough. So what are you waiting for? Buy olive oil and instead of using cooking oil and other oils out there, you can use olive oil for a healthier meal that could reduce the risk of getting breast cancer!

To know more about olive oil preventing breast cancer, then watch the video below!