Sunday, August 28, 2016

These Poison Have Been Killing Us Secretly Without Any Clues About It! Must Read!

    A lot of people, especially women, and mothers out there tend to use fabric conditioners and softeners while washing their clothes because they've liked the heaven-flowery-smell like scent on their family clothes. That's why they normally use them to make sure that the clothes that we're wearing smells pleasant to anyone who might sniff or get to smell our clothes (for no apparent reason at all.)

     It's just that, we didn't have any idea that the materials or chemicals used for these fabric conditioners can actually bring danger to our body, since they are toxic materials that could actually be fatal to any mankind.

     Make sure that you list all these chemicals below, and check if the fabric conditioner that you've been buying in the supermarkets or groceries have them in the ingredients, because these ingredients aren't really healthy for the body.

  • Alpha-Terpineol - a chemical that can get you hungry easily. It can also bring numbness to your face, and also get you dizzy, and even give you a major headache.

  • Benzyl Acetate - a chemical that can lead to having pancreatic cancer when used a lot of times.

  • Benzyl Alcohol - a chemical that can cause a drop in your blood pressure. It can also get you headaches, dizzy, problem in the nervous system (disorders), and nausea.

  • Chloroform - a chemical that can make you sleepy, vomit, nausea, headache, and even loss consciousness because of its powerful carcinogenic neurotoxin.

  • Linalool - a very narcotic substance that can lead to the loss of your muscle coordination, and can give you respiratory problems.