Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Things That You Should Avoid After Eating!

     If you might remember when you were a little kid, your mom or an elder person, such as your grandmother would always say that you shouldn't play or move too much after eating or else your intestines will get all tied up together and will make your stomach hurt so much. Though apparently that might be a myth, or a fact, but there are other things that you shouldn't do, and avoid after eating such as:
1. Do not smoke

     Smoking is known to be as one of the dangerous habit for anyone's health. Avoid smoking after or even before meals. When you smoke a cigarette after eating your every meal, it is equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes which is more dangerous than smoking a single stick and gives you a higher risk of getting cancer.

2. Eating fruits

     Fruits is good for our body and health, but unlike our popular belief, eating fruits after our meals or after we eat is actually not a good habit. The fruits that we ate gets stuck in our stomach with the other foods or the meal that we just ate and thus resulting for the food to get spoiled in there before reaching the intestines, and that causes gastrointestinal distress. It is suggested to eat fruits in the morning rather than after our meals.

3. Do not drink coffee or tea

     Coffee and tea have benefits to our body and health especially when we take them in moderation, but it's a bad habit to drink them right after eating our meal, for there is a compound in the tea which is called Tannin, that can affect the iron and the protein absorption of our body and that can lead to anemia.

4. Taking a bath

     When we take a bath after our meal it causes the blood flow to increases to our hands and feet, and then decreases on our stomach, which ends up weakening the digestive system. Our digestion needs a lot of energy to burn all the food that we ate, so its suggested to go bath first before eating.

5. Never go for a walk

     Since our body needs to digest the food, we should rest first for a bit after eating our meal because walking after eating can burn the energy that our body needed to digest the food that we ate which is in our intestines. That's why it is advised to rest a bit after eating meals or do the running at the early morning so that you won't disrupt your food absorption.

6. Do not sleep

     Don't take a nap immediately after eating your meal since it delays the entry of the nutrients in your body, and many digestive juices travels in almost every direction which sometimes leads to a burning sensation in your chest.