Monday, August 29, 2016

This Homemade Drink Will Surely Help You Fight Against Diabetes, Asthma and Kidney Problems!

     Do you have medical problems such as diseases like diabetes, or problem in the kidneys? Or maybe you are suffering from Asthma? No worries, because this "Homemade Drink" will surely cure your sickness.
     A lot of people gets disgusted with Lady's Finger which is also known as Okra, because of its saliva-like juices that is inside of it, but did you know that Okra has a lot of vitamins and minerals that can help you cure and even avoid health problems and diseases?

1 cup of fresh okra contains:

     - 30 calories
     - 2 grams of protein
     - 21 milligrams of Vitamin C
     - 3 grams of fiber
     - 0.1 fat
     - 60 milligrams of magnesium
     - 90 milligrams of folate
     - 7.6 grams of carbohydrates

     Okra is commonly known as a year-round, overall healthy vegetable. This kind of vegetable can be eaten even if its fried, boiled, stewed, pickled or even raw. Use less saturated fat oils like olive oil, to make it equally healthy.
Process of making the healthy Okra drink:

     1. Take four fresh medium-sized okras.

     2. Cut the edges or what so called ubod or head of the okra.

     3. Cut all four okras in the middle, split them in to half.

     4. Place the okras inside a cup of water.

     5. Leave the okras soaked in the water overnight.

     6. The next day, squeeze the soaked okras into a new cup.

     7. Mix the okras with the new clean water.

     8. The naturally fresh okra drink is now ready.

     9. Drink the mixture every morning before taking breakfast.