Sunday, August 14, 2016

Want To Lose Some Pounds? Eat These Food So You Could Burn Your Fats!

     If you're a bit of a health conscious, or you just started changing yourself by loosing some weight, then you've come at the right article! You've probably wondered as to what you should buy or eat for breakfast while you're on the market or the groceries, as you try to figure out if that specific food you're eyeing is good for you or not.
     Don't worry as we'll try to help you with that problem of yours. So, if you're in a mission to lose a few inches on your hips or thighs or even stomach, then you better check what's in store for you here. These food that we'll talk about is high in protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients and vitamins that will surely keep you satisfied with eating.

     So, the first meal of the day is important as it should provide you the energy that you needed for the whole day and that the food you eat should be nutritious too! So, here are some ways to make your breakfast healthier with less fat.

Instead of eating something sweet, go for savory one.

     Don't think about those pancake or cereal boxes in the grocery, or anything sweet as they will increase your blood sugar levels first thing in the morning. That's why you should go for a more savory and balanced meal instead for the sweet ones. Plus savory meals will keep you full for a longer span of time.

Instead of eating rolled oats, go for steel cut oats.

     They are different from each other, as they are not rolled into flakes and is a much more similar to the old-fashioned rolled oats ones. Steel cut oats contains a lot of fiber which will make you feel full longer, plus it has low glycemic and that will prevent any sugar spikes after you eat your meal.

Add protein in your breakfast.

     Proteins can be a very beneficial to your body as it helps you repair and make new cells. Also in a new study, it was determined that eating a high protein breakfast is much more satisfying than any other food there is because of its ghrelin output. There's a lot of protein food, like boiled eggs, protein powder, yogurt, peanut butter or nuts.

Add some fat in your breakfast.

     Healthy fats can definitely improve your heath and also provide you the energy that you needed for those activities that you'll be doing for the day. Of course we're talking about the healthy fats that is found in almond butter, coconut oil, and also avocado. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of it to your breakfast is already a good start for the day.

Add vegetables in your breakfast.

     Normally vegies doesn't really mix with breakfast meals, but it can boost the fiber content of your breakfast meal so that it will improve your digestion early. It is recommended to at least eat vegies 2 1/2 cups per day.