Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ways on how you can Treat your Ingrown Toenails!

     We all know that Ingrown Toenails can be extremely painful at times, and sometimes it needs the attention of a professional to take over and check your toenails out. Right? Having an ingrown toenail is a pain and it is tricky to treat because they can be easily become infected and would often recur the problem, which we all know that we don't want that to happen anymore.
     If in case your ingrown toenail has become infected, don't attempt to treat it yourself, because it might worsen the situation on your toenail. The first thing that you should to is to let a podiatrist check it to see if its really infected or if its badly infected, if let's say its not infected, then congratulations because there are home remedies which can keep the pain at bay, and can prevent your worst nightmare, the ingrown toenail, from coming back.

1. Foot Soak

    Soak your foot in a warm salt water bath for 15 minutes twice a day, so that it can relieve the pain and the swelling from your ingrown. Once you're done soaking your foot, dry your foot with a clean towel.

2. Keep your Foot Dry

     Except when you need to soak it with water, such as when you're bathing, or when you're doing a foot soak. Never ever attempt to walk in any puddles, or flood water, or muds, as they contain bacteria and viruses that can infect your toenails.

3. Take an over-the-counter Medicine

     To relieve the pain, you can buy medicine like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

4. Gently Pull the Skin Away from the Nail

     While using a small nail file, gently pull the skin away from the nail, and stuff tiny pieces of clean moist cotton on it, so that you could provide a small cushion to the skin. But first, moist the cotton in a bit of water, or in a antiseptic cleanser before putting it.

5. Rub your toenail with Antibiotic Ointment

     This is to help you to reduce any chance of developing any infections.

6. Cover your Ingrown Toenail

     You can use a band-aid or any other clean bandages, so that you can add protection and an extra little padding and support for your ingrown toenail.

7. Wear Comfortable Shoes

     There are shoes that are made from soft fabrics that could be a good choice for a footwear for you, or try wearing sandals because you need to avoid to get your toe from being pinched or squeezed.

8. Inspect your Ingrown Toenail

     Check for any signs and symptoms like redness, an increase pain on your toe, swelling, and even a drainage of pus because this might be a sign of an infection, if you can't really take the pain anymore, drink an antibiotic and directly go and see a podiatrist to let them remove your ingrown toenail.