Saturday, September 3, 2016

10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Not Sleeping Properly!

     Lack of sleep at night can lead to dangerous consequences to your physical health. A lot of people suffer from having an insufficient sleep at night because of stress from their work or from their problems in life such as financial problems, there's also family problems, and even relationship problems.

Here are the dangerous effects of not having enough sleep: 1. Affects your memory and brain

     Proper sleep is a very important role when it comes to thinking, and learning in our daily lives. If you didn't get any sleep at night, there is a high chance that you'll have a difficulty with concentration and focus the next day because your brain is tired and is in need of rest. So its better to take a day off in order to relax and chill for awhile and also get plenty of sleep, as it will be good for your mind and also your body.

2. Bad for your heart

     Lack of sleep puts you at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases in regardless of the age, weight, of a person and even bad vices such as smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks, and even using or taking drugs. Also its important to have exercise habits like jogging for like 20 minutes a day.
3. Causes depression

     Sleep deprivation is frequently linked to depression. It can lead to significant alterations in your brain neurotransmitter functions, which is one of the common reasons of being or getting depress all of a sudden.

4. Weakens your immunity

     It can also damage your immune system, which is designed to protect you from any infections like common cold, flu, and other sickness.

5. Weight gain

     When you sleep less or didn't complete your regular sleeping routine, there is an increase in the production of the hormone that can stimulate your hunger, and this also reduces the production of leptin, which suppresses your appetite.

6. Damage your skin

     One night of poor sleep can cause puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes and sallow skin instantly.
7. Increase the risk of having diabetes

     Lack of sleep or even getting too much sleep can raise the risk of developing chronic diseases, and that includes diabetes.

8. Early death

     Sleep is a fundamental thing that is needed by a human being, its just like breathing. For those who do not get sufficient rest and sleep on a regular basis, they have a higher mortality rate of dying early, than those who always get enough sleep.

9. Kills bedroom ability

     Insufficient sleep has a direct impact to a person's energy level and can even lead to a high tension, which indirectly affects your libido and this can affect both men and women.

10. Causing accidents

     Sleepless night and driving are very dangerous combination. It can lead to accidents on the road.