Sunday, September 4, 2016

12 Things that All Women Should Know About their Br*asts! +

 Men, and women, everyone has their pair of b*obs, right? And normally br*easts aren't really perfectly symmetrical, as it could vary in cup size, but it's not uncommon for your left b*oob to be bigger and your right b*oob to be smaller.
Here are the things that everyone should know about when it comes to Br*east or B*oobs!

1. A lot of people have lumpy, bumpy boobs. For women, you might notice that when you're bathing, your br*east has lumps, or you're feeling some pain in it, and also tenderness, and the meaning of that is you're fast approaching your monthly period, this normally happens between the ages 20 and 50, and usually calms down after your menopausal stage. If in case the pain gets worse or you notice big new lumps that feels a bit hard, and immovable, then check it out with your doctor.

2. Coffee can make your b*oobs more sensitive because there's some evidence in a study in which caffeine increases breast pain and tenderness.

3. Work outs can give you b*oob pain. Especially when you've been doing a lot of push ups or chest exercises.

4. B*oobs could hurt in a lot of different reasons. One might be your hormones, during your monthly period, your pregnancy, sensitivity in birth control pills, etc. You can also get b*oob pain when you move a lot with an unsupported bra.

5. Nipplegasms do exists. Well for some people that is. They experience orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, though its pretty rare.

6. B*oob size is about your genetics and weight. So blame your DNA if you're an A cup or if you are b*oobless. Or if you're fat and you lose weight then your br*east size will go down, since br*east contains fatty tissues.

7. Anyone with Br*east tissue can get br*east cancer. Yes, you've read right, may it be a man or a woman, if you have br*easts, then you might get breast cancer, so everyone stay alert.

8. 80% of those  who got br*east cancer DOESN'T HAVE any FAMILY HISTORY, so it means that sometimes genetics aren't the one to blame if you got br*east cancer.

9. N*ipples and Areolae comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes and that means that if you have big, small,  dark, or light colored nips then you're normal, okay?

10.  Having Saggy Boobs is unavoidable, and of course the source of it is aging, because as you get older, you'll stop producing estrogen and most of your glands, milk ducts, and milk will change into fatty tissues, that's why your br*east will be less dense and will make it smaller and less firm.

11. Breastfeeding isn't always super easy. According to Dr. Katharine O'Connell White,  MPH, "Breastfeeding can be incredibly difficult, people expect it to be natural and easy, but a lot of mother's out there finds it difficult to breastfeed their babies, and sometimes it leaves them feeling discouraged." There are times in which your nips will be sore, cracking, and even bleeding at times, that's why its encouraged to let your doctor see it and figure out what to do, so that it'll get moisturized.

12. Chest exercises won't give you a perkier pair of b*oobs, sure it'll build up your pectoral muscles, but there's no proof that it can affect the perkiness of your b*oobs.