Saturday, September 3, 2016

Want to Conceive a Baby Boy That You & Your Partner Have Always Wanted? Check Here How!

     Having a hard time conceiving a baby boy? Tired of trying out but you've always end up getting a baby girl? Or is this your first time, so you and your partner were planning to have a baby boy as a first child? Don't worry because we've gathered some information to help you guys to solve your problem.      These are some tips you can do with your partner to conceive a baby boy that you've always wanted.

1. Try it behind

     It is commonly known as the "d*ggy style". This is the most suggested position to couples that desires to have a baby boy. This position gives you and your partner a much deeper penetration, therefore, during the climax of the male, it gives him an advantage and a closer placement to the female cervix.

2. Standing up
     Standing up position is also recommended for those who want a baby boy. Just like the d*ggy style, this position also allows deep penetration and helps the sperm of the male to swim faster to the egg cell of the female. But scientists still doesn't have enough background and ideas about this yet, giving it a shot can make things exciting for the both of you.

3. Choosing the right position

     Choose a position that will make you reach the climax stage. Be reminded that this is not a joke. Reaching the climax stage will make the woman's private part to be like an alkaline. The good part for you is that the shift of the woman's pH mainly favors the male sperm. It has a high opportunity at reaching the egg and be fertilized first.

4. Taking more calories

     Eating a lot of calories and cereals can give you more possibilities to conceive a baby boy. A study was conducted in UK that recommends that increasing 400 calories intake a day and eating a lot of cereals with the addition of fish, bananas, vegetables and other foods that are high in energy that can help you for what you and your partner desires.

5. Let your male partner drink coffee

     Drink a coffee half an hour before making out or make him drink a large amount of soda. It can help the man's sperm an extra breakthrough.