Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Amazing Filipino Invented the First Ever Water Supplemented Stove! Must Watch!

     Sadly, a lot of Filipinos have a hard time in surviving because of the increasing demands of our society. Everyone's struggling in order to survive a week or even a day while worrying about the electrical, and the water bills that have been increasing, plus add up the sudden price hikes of the gasoline and also the food in the market.

     Good thing is that the Filipinos are known as a type of person who can do anything just to survive like we use wood for cooking food, etc. But this time a genius Filipino from Cotabato has discovered that even you don't have a gas or fuel, you can use water to run a stove!

     The genius Filipino called his invention "Water Supplemented Stove." It doesn't just help you save money it can also help the nature! Watch the video below!