Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here are Simple Tricks that Can Help You Improve Your Vision Without the Use of Glasses! Must See!

     A lot of us takes our eyes for granted, and use it for long periods of time watching TV, reading books, etc. We've been using our eyes and then when it starts to get all blurred up and weird that's the only time we focus on making them back to normal or letting our eyes rest for some time.
     But, have you tried and experienced it when you starts wearing glasses, it seemed that it our eyesight gets worse over time, and eventually you'll buy new lenses and even stronger ones just for your glasses to work or function properly.

     When our eyes gets tired and you feel that your eyes are feeling strained and hot, you should do some exercise for your eyes! Yes! You've read that right! You should do exercises for your eyes too!

     Doing regular eye exercises can help you to improve your eyesight and also to prevent eye diseases such as having a nearsighted or a farsightedness disease.

     Make sure that you follow the instructions below, step by stem and make sure that you take 20 seconds break in between the exercises!

Up and Down Routine

     Look up and focus on what you see above, then look down and focus on what you see below. Do this 5 times and rest for 20 sec each time.

Left and Right Routine

     Look to the Left then at the Right, make sure that you focus on a thing on your left or at your right. Again Do this 5 times and rest for 20 sec each time.
Diagonal Vision Routine

     Look Straight Ahead then Look Down to the Left. Move your eyes diagonally and look up to the right. Focus on what you see then repeat this for 5 times with breaks of 20 sec each time you move your eyes.

Up and Down Zig Zag Routine

     Look straight ahead of you then move your eyes up and down in a zig zag manner movement. Do this again for 5 times and rest for 20 sec each time.

Rolling Routine

     Slowly roll your eyes in a circle. Do this clockwise 5 times and then counterclockwise 5 times. Rest each rotate for 20 sec each time.