Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WARNING: Doing These Bad Habits that Can Harm Your Kidneys! Must See!

     A lot of us believe that kidneys aren't that important and would normally make a lot of people end up not taking care of them or even selling them to the black market for a big amount of money. But what we don't know is that kidney is one of the vital organs that plays a big and an important role in our body.
     Kidneys are the ones responsible with the waste secretion in our body. There are things that we kept on doing that could bring harm to our kidneys! And those bad habits are listed below for you to take down some notes and make sure that you learn from this to help you protect your kidneys.

Bad Habits to Avoid to Protect your Kidneys!

  1. Less Water Consumption
  2. Not Peeing Regularly
  3. High Doses of Analgesics
  4. Too Much Salt
  5. Too Much Protein in Diet
  6. Too Much Alcohol Intake
  7. Too Much Caffeine Consumption
  8. Ignoring Common Symptoms of Infections