Monday, November 21, 2016

Here's the Little Secret of Japanese People To Having a Beautiful Skin!

     Japanese ladies have known this treatment for centuries. By applying rice bran oil, rice bran powder and rice water on your skin can make your skin smooth and eliminate dark spots. Rice has astonishing effects to your skin rejuvenation and some people didn't know this, except from the Japanese people.

These are the ingredients you might need to make your skin clearer:

     - 3 tablespoons of rice
     - 1 tablespoon of milk
     - 1 tablespoon of honey


  • Boil the rice then strain it and put aside the water in which the rice boiled. Add a spoon of heated milk and mix them. After you stir the mixture well, add the honey.

  • Make sure that before applying it, your skin is dry. After applying the max to your skin, let it dry then take off the mask and wash your face with water in which the rice boiled.

     Rice water contains healing properties and antioxidant that can moisturize your skin and avoid age related spots. It has also a mild sun protection as well.

Note: Do this procedure once a week at least.