Monday, November 28, 2016

This Simple Trick Can Get Rid of Acne, Dark Spots, Sun Allergies, and Wrinkles! Check Here How!

   Here's a homemade remedy that will surely make wonders in your skin. It will make your skin glow and eliminate acne, dark spots, sun allergies, wrinkles and other skin problems that you have, it can also make your skin look fresh and even younger.
     This homemade recipe is just a combination of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, and parsley leaves. Parsley, particularly its essential oil can provide antibacterial properties as well as anti-fungal protection. Parsley is also good in treating acne, pimples, and other skin infections. It can also help you in healing up your eye bags because parsley contains nutrients that can reduce the darkness that is under the eyes.

     Parsley also contains high levels of vitamin C which is vital for our body functions. It doesn't just nourish the skin because it can also reduce scar marks and blemishes. It can stimulate the production of collagen, which is an essential part in cell repair, and thus it is often used in cosmetics.


     2 Tablespoon of Finely Chopped Parsley Leaves
     1 Teaspoon of Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar
     200 ml of Water


     Boil the Water in a pot.
     Add the Chopped Parsley Leaves and Let it sit for 15 Minutes.
     Turn off the Heat and let it Cool Down.
     Add Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice and pour it in a Container.
     Store it in the Refrigerator and let it Harden like an Ice Cream.
     Apply This Twice a Day on your Face.