Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Common Hair Mistakes You Need To Stop Right Now

Everybody wants their hair to be excellent. Particularly girls want their hair long, shiny and strong but to obtain these hair goals, one has to be extremely patient and must be very cautious with their hair.

Usually a lot of us tend to make some pretty popular misconception that they shouldn't if they want to have healthy hair. Some of these errors are listed below. Make sure that you don't make these mistakes ever again and you yourself will see the difference in your hair.

1. Don't touch your hair when it's wet

It's the basic rule. Just don't comb or touch your hair when they are wet. Comb your hair only after they dry.  Also, if you really need to comb your hair when they are still wet, use a wide tooth comb.

2. Trimming

2. Trimming

If you want to grow your hair, make sure that you get them trimmed every now and then to make sure that their growth is healthy and this would even remove all split ends.

3. Buy a wide-tooth comb
4. Buy a wide-tooth comb
You need to buy yourself a wide-tooth comb. This comb will let you comb more easily. These combs do not encourage hair-fall. Go get yourself one.
4. Use a wet comb

When you need to comb your hair when they are dry, make sure that you use a wet comb. This will definitely ease out the process and discourage hair fall. Try it the next time you comb your hair. 

5. Use the right shampoo

Making the shampoo choice is very important. You need to pick a shampoo which suits your hair needs. There are different shampoos available in the market for different hair types. Make sure that you get the right one the next time you go shopping.

6. Avoid frequent washing

6. Avoid frequent washing

Do not wash your hair every other day. Doing this would lead to the loss of all the hair oils and nutrients frequently. Restrict your washing days.

7. Best suited style

You need to find a hairstyle which suits you. Ask your barber about this and he will surely give the best advice. Your hairstyle is very important for your personality. Change the hairstyle to see what suits you the best.

8. Keep your hands off your hair

Do not keep fidgeting with your hair once you have styled them. This makes your hairstyle look a lot messy. Just try to keep your hands off your hair and let the style do the talking.

9. Do not use a fancy shampoo

Often these fancy shampoos destroy your hair nutrients. Make sure that you pick one up if you are absolutely sure about the brand.

10. Use conditioners
10. Use conditioners
Use conditioners on your hair. They are equally important as shampoos. Apply thin layers of conditioner over your hair and allow them to do their job.