Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas

Bananas are the most widely consumed fruit in the world. This yellow colored fruit bear a nutritional knock and is covered in its own pre-packaged cover. 

Fact: Bananas are consumed more by Americans than the consumption of apples and oranges combined.

I am sure you will never avoid black-spotted bananas after knowing these possible health benefits associated with them. In fact these are most authentic ideas to add bananas to your diet.

#1: Black-Spotted banana – cancer fighting agent

Bananas itself give us a real sense of feeling full. But you must not be understanding that more brown the banana is, more it contains TNF factor. And this is a cancer-fighting compound that inhibit tumor cells to spread.

#2: Prevents heartburn

Consuming just one banana can give you a calming relief from acidity and heartburn.

#3: Blood Pressure

Bananas contain much of potassium and less sodium which keeps the blood pressure level normal and avoid heart strokes.

#4: Energy punch

Bananas are full proof energy punch and the ideal meal which gives a sense of energy that lasts for an hour or more. It also blocks muscle cramping.

#5: Anaemia

The dietary iron present in a banana can help all those who suffer from anemia. As the iron boosts up the blood supply and strengthens hemoglobin production.

#6: Ulcers

People limit their meals when ulcers come on their way. But banana is such an exemption that treats ulcers and protects stomach irritation and acids.

#7: Depression

Banana with high levels of tryptophan is best for healing the depression. As it enhances our mood and makes us feel more happy and relaxed.

#8: Constipation

Bananas have the property to free you. It relieves you from constipation by providing natural stimulation to the bowel movements.

#9: Nerves or PMS- Moody or Stressed?

With an intake of just one banana, blood sugar gets regulated, and the vitamins present in it help in calming the nervous system and leads to more soothing mood.

#10 Temperature control

For cooling down your hot body temperature, banana works the most. It is also beneficial at the time of fever.

Source: PeanutDaily