Wednesday, December 7, 2016

11 Shocking Reasons Behind Pilonidal Disease You Are Unaware Of

Ladies who assume they are the only ones who suffer in a lot health problems are completely wrong. After understanding about diseases that only men face, you will recognize of what they go through, and their world is not that easy as much as we consider.

Pilonidal is the disease that is frequently happen in men and particularly during the time of puberty. A cyst or pilonidal disease is caused right above the buttocks crease due to chronic inflammation of soft tissues. The first indication of the disease are swelling, redness, fever, strong pain in the buttock area.

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#1 Due to continuous sitting

#2 By improper hygiene habits

#3 By wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes

#4 Sweating above the buttock area

#5 Sudden hair growth in that area

#6 Infected lymph nodes

#7 Blemished hair follicles
 #7 Blemished hair follicles

#8 Use of public washrooms

#9 Weaker immune system

#10 Rapid allergic reactions

#11 Taking improper diet and stress

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