Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Here is the Cure for Blackheads, Warts, Moles, Age Spots and Skin Tags!

     Everyone normally experience skin problems as we grow, such as problems like blackheads, age spots, warts, moles, and skin tags. There have been a lot of skin treatments which you need to pay a large amount of money and there are those cheaper ones that sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work.

Here is the Cure for Blackheads, Warts, Moles, Age Spots and Skin Tags!
     It is very common for a person to experience these problems at some point in their life, and normally we'd choose product that is available in the market that says 'We can treat your problem.'

     However most products that is available in the market contains toxic chemicals that can actually cause bad side effects to your health and body, and even in your skin.

     These chemicals can hurt your skin problems more which makes them more unreliable. So instead of relying on beauty products that contains bad chemicals that can hurt your skin, try something that is more natural, to cure your skin problems.


     They're normally caused by the HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus. It can get treated, so don't worry. You only need Apple Cider Vinegar for your warts. You need to dab your warts with a clean cotton ball with a small amount of ACV then cover it with a bandage so that it won't get dirty. You need to do this twice a day, until the warts gets removed.


     Moles aren't really harmful, however, it is important to check if your moles begin to change in size and color, because it can be a sign for Skin Cancer. In order to get rid of a mole, you need to crush a piece of garlic, then apply it to your mole, cover with bandage for 4 hours a day.

Skin Tags

     Skin Tags appear because of the friction that is made from the skin and the clothes that you wear. The Apple Cider Vinegar can help you with skin tags. All you need to do is to dab ACV to your skin tag with a cotton ball a few times a day until it falls off. Normally this will take about 10 days to get removed.
Age Spots

     Age spots normally makes a person self conscious, and this is caused by aging and too much exposure to the sun. Thankfully, lemon can help you with that since the lemon juice can act as a bleaching agent for your skin. You only need to apply it gently to the skin at least twice a day to lighten your age spots, and don't forget to wear sunscreen on your skin.


     Surely you hate those blackheads especially on your nose part, right? Don't worry because the key to removing that hateful blackheads of yours is to keep your skin clean. Before washing your face, open up the pores with a warm steam, after that Apple Cider Vinegar can help you since it can act as a natural astringent, also don't forget to dab a few coconut oil to your skin or any moisturizer so it won't dry up.