Friday, December 9, 2016

Saging na Saba/Saba Banana Can Do This To Your Body!

     Cardava banana, also known as "Saging na Saba" in the Philippines has the highest nutrient content among other banana fruit. There are different kinds of banana in the entire world but there's no other banana fruit that can ever be compared to the nutrients that is contained and sustained inside a Cadava Banana in the Philippines. Here are the health benefits that we can get from eating saging na saba:

1. Best source of vitamins and minerals

     - Every ones lives are full of activities, as well as you, and that will surely make your energy drained. Eating 2 cardava bananas could instantly increase your energy level.

2. Regulates your circulatory system

     - Cardava banana is rich in potassium. It can be helpful in regulating your body's circulatory system by delivering oxygen your brain.
3. Stops constipation

     - It contains fiber that can help you prevent constipation.

4. Helps you quit smoking

     - Quitting your smoking habit is very hard. Try to consume cardava banana to help you quit smoking. It contains Vitamin B and other types of minerals that can reduce the effect of nicotine in your body.
5. Treats ulcer

     - It can reduce the acidity in your mouth and promotes intestinal heath by leaving a protective coating on the inner walls.

6. Eliminates hangover

     - After a long night of drinking alcohol, you'll surely experience hangover after waking up. Try to eat cardava banana to reduce your hangover.