Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This is the Ideal Body Type for Women Based On Science! Must See!

     A lot of us have our own definition of having a 'perfect body' or an 'ideal beauty', and this topic has been very subjective as to who defines it. Each person in this world has their different stands and standards when it comes to having the ideal or the perfect woman which includes the body type.

     In University of Texas, there was a scientific research that was conducted in which it revealed that the ideal height of a woman is measured as 1.68 meters or 5'5'' in height, while her body (the bust, waist, and hip part) should be measured or totaled as 99-63-91 cm or 39-25-36 inches.

     There was only one woman who has this ideal and perfect measures, and it's none other than Kelly Brooks, an English model-actress and a TV personality. To be called as someone who has a perfect body, a person should have no alterations or any physical surgeries performed on them. It should be all-natural.

     The University of Texas has also claimed that the 'ideal woman' should also be able to fully fulfill the evolutionary processes of a woman. Evolutionary Process which is in particular with procreation. This means that the woman who has the ideal body weight and height should also be attractive to the opposite s*x, while being fertile, and also looks healthy.

     Despite having different cultural boundaries, events such as the Miss Universe, which is held yearly, changed the standards of a lot of people. And these boundaries are set to change the today's definition of the ideal body in a fast pace than what we all think.

     There has been a lot of people lately, who has been saying that, 'The Chubby is the New Sexy,' which boosts the pride and confidence of some chubby people, and that's their call if they'll feel happy about it or not.

     Having these standards, like having the perfect body that has the ideal height and weight doesn't really matter that much. What matters is that we're happy with our body, even if its different with the others. It is what makes us unique from others, so stay happy and healthy, and don't diet too much if you're already slim.