Thursday, December 29, 2016

This Plant is Called the "God's Gift" Because It Can Cure More Than 100 Diseases! Must See!

    Chaya or what so called tree spinach, is a large, and a fast-growing leafy perennial shrub that is believed to have originated in the Yucutan Peninsula of Mexico. It can help to regulate blood pressure, improve the blood circulation, reduce weight, and even increase the calcium in your system.
Here are the health benefits of Chaya:

     - Cure asthma
     - Treats and prevents anemia
     - Improves the calcium levels in your body
     - Improves eyesight and brain function
     - Is very helpful in cases of osteoporosis
     - Treats sore throat
     - Can regulate the blood sugar levels and treat diabetes
     - Prevents headaches
     - Balances the metabolic system
     - Regulates your cholesterol level
     - Detoxifies the liver
     - Prevents hemorrhoids
     - Prevents varicose veins
     - Helps children grow

     Chaya can treat almost all diseases and health conditions. This plant can be added to foods such as in soups and salad or it can even be used as a tea, but they should never be consumed raw.

Here's how to prepare a healthy cup of Chaya tea:


     - 6 fresh Chaya leaves
     - 2 cups of water


     - Bring the water to a boiling stage, then add the leaves and let the tea simmer for about 10 minutes.
     - Drink a cup of Chaya tea for about 3 times a day before meals.

Source:  AU