Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Warning Girls: Stop Doing the Things That Your Private Parts Hate!

The proper care of the private areas is very important to prevent the entry of bacteria. The markets offer numerous products that claim to improve the health and that stop the bad odor of the parts of women.
Follow these tips:
The procedure which is practiced in pose sitting on a chair while smoking a bowl of tea from wormwood combined with other herbs This Chinese method will allow the steam to enter the body. It will clean the private area and the uterus, and will protect you from infections. Rinse
Other women use gels for the private parts, products that use water and cleaning agents, according to doctors, women should never use gels. It can cause infection, lead to infertility and are linked with infections. The only part that needs to be clean is the surface of the intimate area. Always wipe from front to back while using the toilet and clean the area gently using only hot water in the shower. So your private area clean. Yey!
Fragrant soaps and detergents
Soaps are one of the most common reason of irritation in private area in many women.Yes!, They are made from chemicals which are irritating the sensitive skin. You need to use only hot water while taking the shower.