Sunday, December 11, 2016

Warning Ladies!!! Never Do This When You Have Your Period, This Might Be Deadly!

When the female body discharge tissue that it no longer needs, it is what you called menstruation or a period. Girl's always experienced this kind of condition every month. Some women feel unbearable pain, cramps or other signs during their periods that may be annoying. But during this period, there are things you need to think and you shouldn't do.

Avoid Physical Activity

If ever you encounter any back or stomach pain, you shouldn't do any physical activity because if you do, it will only make your pain worse.

Staying Up All Night 

You should relax too. This will make you feel great if you sleep early.

Avoid Skipping Meals
You'll have to remember that when you have a period, you are losing a lot of blood. The food intake will make you feel energetic.

Unprotected Interc0urse
There's a higher chance to get pregnant when your period. And also to avoid diseases, it is best to avoid having an intercourse.

There are also other things you shouldn't do.

1. Avoid drinking Soda Water

2. Avoid eating cucumbers(the substance consisted in cucumber can lead some liquid to stay in the uterus walls)

3. Avoid drinking ice water (it may lead to menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall, after 5-10 years could lead to “Cyst & Cancer RAHIM”).